What should I do if my throat is sore during pregnancy? I am afraid that the fetus will not dare to take medicine?(Transfer to your family to see)

During pregnancy, women are very sensitive, both physical and mentally, and because they need to avoid harm to the fetus, if there are symptoms such as colds and sore throats, they cannot take medicine casually.So, what should I do if pregnant women have a sore throat? What should I eat for pregnant women’s throat? Let’s take a look.

In order to avoid the impact on the fetus, the sore throat of pregnant women should first adopt the method of dietary therapy, which can relieve the disease and gradually recover.So, what should I do if pregnant women have a sore throat?

1. Drink with fat sea.Let pregnant women brew a fat sea every day, which can benefit pharyngeal detoxification and relieve the symptoms of dry throat pain.It is better to use hot water of about 80 degrees when brewing, and the effect is obvious for 2–3 days.

2. If there is only a slight sore throat and dry itching, you can rinse your mouth and shabu your throat with thick saline.Salt can eliminate inflammation and sterilize, relieve throat swelling and pain. Rinse your mouth 5-8 times a day, which will significantly reduce sore throat.

3. When pregnant women have a sore throat, the immunity is relatively low. She should supplement her high nutrients, such as chicken soup, bone soup, etc., which can improve the immunity of pregnant women and help relieve the symptoms of sore throat.

4. When pregnant women have sore throat and soreness, they must not be irritable. This will only aggravate the condition. If you can maintain an optimistic mentality, have a good mood, can indirectly enhance the immunity of pregnant women and effectively reduce the sore throat.

5. When pregnant women have a sore throat, eat less spicy and too greasy foods; at the same time, if they cough, eat less citrus fruits such as oranges and oranges.

6. Pregnant women should also pay attention to rest, requesting to reduce the workload and reduce the pressure in life.This is also helpful for sore throat, and at the same time, other adverse symptoms should be avoided.

7. Drink plenty of warm water. This is a good way to solve the pain of pregnant women, and drinking plenty of water can also help urinate, which can effectively remove the toxins in the body.

8. If the pregnant woman’s throat is so sore that the tonsils may be inflamed, they can go to see the doctor. The doctor will diagnose or treat it with your pregnancy according to the specific condition.

Pregnant women have a cold and sore throat, and there are many places to pay attention to in their diet.First of all, avoid eating irritating food and fatty foods, such as pepper, garlic, fried food, etc.Some hot fruits, such as oranges, durian, cherry, etc., pregnant women will get angry when they eat it, which will increase the symptoms of sore throat, so it is best not to eat it.Pregnant women can eat more food in the sore throat:

1. Eat more fire and fruits

Fire is one of the reasons for sore throat, so at this time, pregnant moms can eat more fruits that help reduce fire to relieve the disease.Citrus fruits such as orange, orange.

2. Drink plenty of water

Sometimes because the toxins in the pregnant mother cannot be ruled out, sore throat may also cause sore throat.At this time, pregnant moms can drink more warm water and urinate more to eliminate the accumulated toxins in the body, which can also relieve sore throat.

3. Properly eat bitter food

"Bitter" food is a natural enemy of "fire". Bitter food contains bitter substances such as alkaloids and urea. These bitter substances have the effects of relieve heat and eliminate heat and eliminate fatigue.The best bitter food is the first to spread bitter gourd. Whether it is cold, fried or soup, as long as the bitter gourd can be cooked and "cyan", it can achieve the purpose of "removing fire".

4. Eat more vegetables

In addition to eating more bitter foods, you also need to eat more sweet fresh fruits and fresh and tender vegetables.Experts point out that cabbage, broccoli and watermelon, hawthorn, apple, grapes and other minerals, especially the high content of calcium, magnesium, and silicon, have the magical effects of Ning Shen and reduce fire. Therefore, they should eat more and often eat these.food.

5. Drink silver -ear Sydney soup

Main ingredients: dragon fruit, white fungus, fungus, Sydney.

Accessories: rock sugar, green beans, wolfberry.


1. Tremella and fungus are soaked and washed with boiling water. Fire dragon fruit takes fruit, the fruit shell is used, and the dragon pulp and Sydney are cut into uniform pieces.

2. Put the cut dragon fruit, Sydney block with Tremella, fungus, and rock sugar together with water and boil for an hour.At the same time, cooked green beans.

3. Push the stewed soup into the dragon fruit shell and sprinkle with green beans and wolfberry.

Detox effect: clearing heat, phlegm, and moisturizing the lungs can help smoking and drinking people excrete toxins.

Summary: After reading the above article, I believe everyone knows what to do with the sore throat of pregnant women. The pregnant woman’s throat cannot take medicine casually.Health, you might as well try these food therapy methods introduced in this article.

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