What should I do if my wife is pregnant without fertility?

It reminds me of a man in the village before, and his wife was finally pregnant for five or six years of marriage.I did n’t say the reason. Later, the woman’s family came to the door to say that she had checked her death before, and there was no way to get the woman’s pregnancy.

As a result, his wife was particularly decisive to divorce him. The amniotic fluid puncture made a parent -child identification.

The results of the appraisal came out, that is, the man was born.

This time, not only the children’s daughter -in -law is gone, the village knows that he is not very good.


I just knew a follow -up of this matter.

According to my mother’s description, things should start from half a month ago. The male old lady went to the village to buy vegetables. After buying the dishes, the man and the old lady had to let people give her two green onions.The old lady snatched the green onions and left. The old lady of the small sales department did not catch up. She sat at the door of the small shop and wiped two green onions.

This man happened to bring a new girlfriend who had died in the field home. The new girlfriend felt the first time and wanted to buy some fruits in the store.The man did not get off the car, and the woman entered the small sales department. As a result, the old lady of the small sales department took the popular science to this man’s scenery.According to the old lady: How good a girl can not let this shameless scourge.

My mother heard that the girl left by herself at noon. In the afternoon, the male and old lady sprayed for an hour in the seller and the old lady of the seller.

Ha ha ha ha!IntersectionIntersectionIntersectionIt is estimated that the two are yellow.


Because at that time, my mother opened a small shop selling cloth in the village, and by the way, I picked up some small lives such as changing their pants and pulling the lock.The kung fu that the guests waited for my mother had nothing to do with my mother, so I could basically hear a few words in the nearby villages.

As for that the man was cured, I felt no, because the man later went to the hospital to check it.I said in the gossip, but my mother had never heard such news.Today I was idle and I deliberately inquired about the disease of a school -studied sisters.It is said that it is dead sperm, but it is not a living sperm, but most sperm is just dead sperm. There is still a very small probability to make a woman conceive. Which man’s accidental ancestor’s grave rushed back to the youth smoke.Essence

Anyway, according to the reputation of this person, it is a bit difficult to find a daughter -in -law who is willing to marry her nearby.

As for why the woman resolutely divorced, let alone the man who knew that he was sick and cheated his marriage.

The woman likes children very much. She has been looking forward to pregnancy for five or six years of marriage. Later, she asked for medical treatment everywhere. She had used the secret recipes of folk children, and even ran to the mountain to worship her mother -in -law.has a problem.I finally found that I was pregnant, and I was so ecstatic.As a result, there was no reason to humiliate. According to heard that the two sons hit a girl’s house with a swollen face.Anyway, men and women are fighting, and it is difficult for women to take advantage of women.This is probably why the woman’s family has to go to the door.

I thought that this woman probably had a stomach, and her mood was unstable during pregnancy.

This man is also wonderful. The two have been with each other for so many years. There is no basic trust. Isn’t the first reaction that normal people meet this kind of thing?You should find a doctor to inquire anymore. Is it possible to get your wife to get pregnant?When I came up, I determined that my daughter -in -law stole someone and fight with her pregnant woman. Who would want to live with him?

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