What should I do if pregnant mothers infect the "new crown"?Experts of Jiaxing Maternal and Child Health Hospital support

Source: [Jiaxing Daily-Jiaxing Online]

In the process of preventing and controlling the "new crown", pregnant women are a special crowd.What are the symptoms of pregnant mothers after infection?Do you want to terminate your pregnancy?Can you breastfeed?In response to the series of problems of preventing and controlling the prevention and control of pregnant mothers, the reporter interviewed Ai Ling, Minister of the Minister of Preparation of the Preparation of the Preparation of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Jiaxing City this morning to answer relevant questions for pregnant mothers.

"The data shows that the chance of spreading the virus during natural delivery is very small. There is no need to choose a cesarean section due to the infection of the new crown, and there is no need to terminate pregnancy in advance." Ai Ling, Minister of the Minister of Preparation of the Preparation of the Maternal and Child Health HospitalIt is not tight to infected the virus. After the baby is born, the mother and baby can be in the same room, or the mother -to -child contact and breastfeeding feeding. However, in the process of contacting the baby, we must protect the baby, wear a mask, and keep the hand hygiene."

If pregnant women are infected with a new crown, do you want to take medicine?What medicine can be taken?Ai Ling reminded that mild and asymptomatic pregnant women are not recommended for medication; if the body temperature is below 38.5 degrees, it can be physical cooling and the body temperature exceeds 38.5 degrees.Consultation.

"Our hospital has opened an Internet hospital with a new crown child area. If you have any questions, you can conduct online consultation. You can also consult the relevant doctors at the WeChat group of the pregnant women’s school." Ai Ling said: "If you need to go to the hospital for treatment, it is recommended to make an appointment in advance.Register and arrive at the time of the appointment, which can reduce contact with the crowd. At present, we have opened a time -time reservation. There are relatively few patients in the afternoon. If pregnant women who do not require empty blood, you can make an appointment for the afternoon for the afternoon. "

At the same time, Ai Ling reminded that to maintain a good mentality, do not panic, there is no need to take medicine in advance to prevent it; usually minimize the dense places of the crowd; pregnant women can also vaccinate, but pregnant women within three months of pregnancy are not recommended to take vaccination.If you do not know your pregnancy, you do not need to terminate your pregnancy if you do not know your pregnancy; if you have a new crown virus infection or a pregnant woman infected with the virus, try to separate the items to reduce daily contact.It should also be noted that pregnant women should rest, drink plenty of water, ventilate more, pay attention to nutritional supplements, enhance their resistance, and maintain a happy mood.

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