What should I do if pregnant women are infected with new crowns?Qingdao Maternal and Children’s Hospital’s obstetric experts should do this

Although the pathogenic force and toxic force of Omikon’s mutation strains have been significantly weakened compared to primitive strains and Delta, many pregnant women are still worried.

What should I do if my own infection?

What are the symptoms of pregnant women after infection?

What happens to see a doctor?

Today, you should do this …

01 Pregnant women try not to be infected, how should they protect it?

The first responsible person of his own health

Maintain well at home or offices to keep the room ventilated and open windows regularly;

No place to gather the crowd;

Wear a mask when I go out and wear a N95 mask when I go to the hospital for a delivery.

Standardize hand hygiene;

Try to avoid touching public places with your hands. If you must touch it, you can touch it with a paper towel and throw away the paper towel in time;

Balanced diet, exercise moderately, so that the body is in the optimal state;

If you have positive patients in the family, you must do a good job of isolation to reduce the opportunity to expose maternal exposure.

02 What should I do after maternal infection?

Maternal women may be more nervous when they find new crown -positive.However, in fact, the symptoms of maternal maternal infection are the same as ordinary people. Some of them have no obvious symptoms. Some symptoms such as dry throat, cough, runny nose, soreness, and fever will generally improve.Rehabilitation.

Do n’t panic if you have these symptoms of pregnant women. You do n’t need to go to the hospital if you rest at home, drink plenty of water, and eat diet.Postering in the hospital, waiting in line, waiting, physical consumption, etc. are not conducive to the rehabilitation of pregnant women.

Maternal and Children’s Hospital Obstetrics experts suggest: Pregnant women go to the hospital in these circumstances

After 28 weeks, pay close attention to fetal movement. When there is abnormal fetal movement, you must come to the hospital as soon as possible;

If pregnant women find vaginal bleeding, regular contractions, etc., they will be a primary sign; or the fever continues to continue, accompanied by symptoms such as chest pain, chest tightness, and dyspnea, please go to the popular kidney clinic in time.

Pregnant women with hypertension and diabetes need to pay special attention. Once headache is accompanied by symptoms such as increased blood pressure, they need to go to the hospital for a popular kidney consultation.

03 How do new crown -positive pregnant women give birth?

In a word, whether or not you have a new crown, you or not are determined by obstetricians after evaluating the situation of pregnant women. Do not be too anxious.

04 Can the new crown -positive mothers breastfeed?

Breastfeeding mothers are infected with new crowns and can breastfeed.The immunoglobulin, immune cells, immune factors and rich nutrients contained in breast milk are comparable to formula powder. In a special period when the mother gets a new crown, the baby needs more breast milk protection and the care of the mother’s safety attachment. Breastfeeding is feeding.More demand than ever.

If you are infected with new crowns during pregnancy, breastfeeding can be performed after childbirth.During breastfeeding, mother should pay attention to washing hands and breast hygiene and wear N95 masks.After breastfeeding, the mother should replenish the liquid and rest in time to recover as soon as possible.

When pregnant mothers at home, they can participate in the "Maternity School Cloud Class" of our hospital every day-learning childbirth preparation, normal childbirth response skills, and breastfeeding related knowledge and skills.Moms in the third trimester can choose to talk to the baby, tell stories, sing, etc., listen to soothing music and dance, bring the baby’s sense of security and enhance the happiness index of pregnant mothers, bringing a sense of joy.

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