What should I do if pregnant women have skin allergies during pregnancy?

Each season changes with the climate environment, and the skin condition is not consistent, so skin care should also be prescribed.

What should I do if I am allergic during pregnancy?

1. Remember not to grab the skin when itching, because the scope of itching after grasping is even more expanded, it will form a vicious circle, and in the future, the probability of allergies will be higher in this area.

2. Do not wash with hot water and soap. When it is really itchy and unbearable, you can use a cold towel to appropriately apply it.At the same time, it is necessary to overcome adequate mental factors such as irritability, anxiety, insomnia, etc.

3. If the symptoms of allergies are severe, pregnant mothers can use anti -allergic drugs under the guidance of a doctor, and avoid medication without permission, so as not to cause unnecessary harm to the baby.

环境 Skin sensitivity is also related to the environment, climate, age, food, cosmetics.Pregnant mothers who are susceptible to allergies should pay more attention to the balanced intake of diet and nutrition, eat more fruits, vegetables, eat less fish, shrimp, beef and mutton, and greasy, sweet and irritating foods.

Pregnant mothers should take care of their bodies very carefully during pregnancy.Especially in this season of allergies, pregnant mothers must take the initiative to avoid allergens in life, and at the same time improve their own immunity to make allergies out of the door.

4. Cleansing needs to be mild.Because the pregnancy muscles are easy to be sensitive, the first step of the skin care of pregnant women: The skin is clean, and it must be mild.First of all, cleansing milk needs to be mild.Secondly, the water temperature needs to be mild. It is recommended to use about 30 ° warm water. It is not too hot or too cold, and it will not stimulate the skin.

5. The skin should be moisturized.When the skin is short of water, the skin is prone to dryness, itching, sensitivity and even dry lines of fine lines.When skin cells are plump and moist, skin resistance and immune ability will be strengthened, so skin care for pregnant women should pay attention to hydrating and moisturizing.

频6, do not frequently exfoliate.Exfoliating is indeed an important one for pregnant women’s skin care. The exfoliating of pregnant women can ensure that the skin can better absorb skin care products for pregnant women.The ability is also weakened.

7, also need to replenish in the body.With the changes in the climate and environment, pregnant mothers should drink more warm soup water, and drink plenty of water every day. Putting water or honey water is a good choice.Daily diets take more fruits and vegetables to reduce fried and greasy foods.Only when the body is sufficient, the skin will be more moist and the anti -allergy ability is stronger.

Types of skin allergies:

1. Dry skin allergies.

In any season, the skin is always dry and rough. As soon as you apply lotion, you will feel slightly tingling and itchy, and sometimes redness and swelling. People with these symptoms are dry skin allergies.The reason for skin allergies is that the skin is dry, which causes the defense function to decrease. As long as it removes excess sebum and sufficient moisturizing.

2. Oil skin allergy.

Acne and small particles are easy to emerge on the face, which will become swollen and inflamed. Even the dry parts such as cheeks will grow acne. Experts say that people with these symptoms should belong to oily skin allergies.Sensitive causes are reduced due to excess sebum and insufficient moisture. Skin prevention capacity is reduced.

3. Pressive skin allergies.

Before the seasons alternate and physiological period, makeup care products will become unsuitable. As long as the sleep is insufficient or stressful, the skin will become dry. People with these symptoms should belong to pressure skin allergies.The reason is endocrine disorders caused by various external stimuli or hormones.

4. Permanent skin allergies.

Like abnormal sensitive sources such as allergic dermatitis or sunlight, spices, pigments.Specific stimulus (allergic source) causes allergies. If it is still dangerous according to your daily maintenance method, it is best to go to the dermatology clinic immediately and use the maintenance product recommended by the doctor.

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