What should I do if pregnant women infected the new crown?2023 The latest authoritative guide brings ten key points!

Yes, on the previous two days (January 16), the Chinese Medical Association’s Microchana Branch formulated a diagnosis and treatment specification for the latest national -level pregnant women’s new crown treatment in accordance with the current epidemic situation and combined with domestic and foreign diagnosis and treatment experience.

Sister circle will interpret this guide in accordance with the issues that everyone cares about. During the Spring Festival, the personnel flow is great, hoping to help your sisters during pregnancy.

01 Is pregnant women easier to infect new crowns than ordinary people?

This question has answered from other channels, which is generally believed that the infection rate of the general population is generally comparable.

This guidelines have clearly pointed out that all people are generally susceptible to the new crown, and the incidence of pregnant women infection with new crowns has not increased significantly compared to ordinary people.

02 Is pregnant women more likely to cause severe illness than ordinary people?

The answer to our previous information was that the chance of severe illness in pregnant women was equivalent to ordinary people, but this guide gave a different statement.

Guidelines believe that pregnancy may add clinical diseases that re -crown infections, and even added a sentence, and may also have severe illnesses.

This fully reminds everyone that you should not take it lightly about this virus. You are infected with heavier than others. This is very likely.

03 What are the consequences of pregnant women infected with new crowns?

Let’s talk about some of the grateful places:

① The incidence of natural abortion or birth defect has not increased

② For patients with severe illnesses, childbirth can improve the symptoms of maternal severe respiratory disease

③ More than 95%of the newborn are not infected and have a good condition. By the way, this data is higher than the previous fetus infection data.

Besides, some places that need to be vigilant:

① New crown virus infection with the fever and hypoxemia of pregnant women can increase the risk of premature birth, premature fetal membrane and abnormal fetal heart rate

② Some cases of severe and criticalized cases in the third trimester need to terminate the pregnancy through cesarean section. Previously, the information considered that the new crown did not affect the production method.

③ Pregnant women have pregnancy -induced complications (such as chronic hypertension, eclampsia, and HellP syndrome, multi -fetal, etc.).The risk of suffocation of dead tires and newborns is higher.

04 Can pregnant women infected the new crown CT?

Many sisters ask this question. Generally, the answer given is to weigh the advantages and disadvantages, and the severe condition should still be done.

This guide gives such answers: Under complete radiation protection conditions in the middle and late pregnancy, low -dose X -ray or CT examination can be performed.

It is not necessary to pay attention to whether pregnant women can perform this examination in the early pregnancy.

05 What kind of pregnant women can easily develop into severe illnesses

According to the guidelines, pregnant women with risk factors below are particularly easy to develop into the new crown:

The new crown vaccine has been vaccinated, old, obesity, multi -pregnancy, multi -pregnancy, combined basic diseases such as hypertension, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, or presence of pregnancy complications.

If there is a change in the following indicators in the third trimester, you should be alert to the possibility of severe illness:

Oxymal or respiratory distress, exacerbation, tissue oxygen condensation indicators or increased lactic acid, peripheral blood lymphocyte counting, or inflammatory factor -related indicators such as increased coagulation such as DDBE significantly increased significantlyEssence

Many sisters say, how can I know that these indicators have changed if I don’t go to the hospital?

Dear, if you have a dangerous factors, you should go to the hospital immediately to avoid severe illnesses. As for the indicators behind, they should be checked in the hospital and judged by the doctor.

You just need to know if you are a dangerous factors in the merger.

06 Under what circumstances, do ordinary pregnant women infection new crowns need to be doctor?

Once again, patients who have complications during pregnancy, if you are infected with a new crown, please go to the hospital immediately. Let ’s talk about ordinary pregnant women, that is, no abnormal pregnant women.

① The symptoms are still not alleviated by the symptoms of the symptoms, and the high fever above 39 degrees does not return for more than three days.

② Difficulty breathing, dizziness or headache, stretching, panic, blurred consciousness and other serious discomfort

③ Pregnant women have abnormal fetal movements or disappear, or vaginal bleeding, flow fluid, abdominal pain, and increased blood pressure occur

07 Which maternity examinations must be done in the hospital?

We have also involved in this point before. This guide gives a clear production inspection item that needs to go to the hospital:

NT color Doppler ultrasound, Tang’s screening, large -scale deformed system color Doppler ultrasound, etc. These three are clearly proposed by the guidelines. Whether others need to go to the hospital also need to communicate with the doctor and doctors.

08 How to treat the new crown in infection with pregnant women?

① For fever, sore throat, and myogenia

The entire pregnancy can be used safely during acetaminol, which is the first choice of heating medicine

Ibuprofen can only be used short -term in the middle of pregnancy (not more than 48 hours), and it is disabled in the morning and late pregnancy

② dry cough

You can use You Mishafen in the middle and late pregnancy, and it is disabled in the early pregnancy

③ sputum

Acetamine can be used safely throughout pregnancy, which is the first choice of sputum medication

The early stages of gly gly glycerin and amrootosacketes are not available in pregnancy, and can be available in the middle and late pregnancy

④ runny nose, nasal congestion

There are four types of drugs that can be used during the whole pregnancy, such as sea salt water/seawater spray, chlorophenicamin, Sidrizine, and dectorite

⑤ diarrhea

If there is diarrhea in pregnant women, there are also three choices of medication, such as Montellaria, oral salt salts, probiotics, etc.

It should be noted here that pregnant women should try to choose a single ingredient drug for symptomatic treatment. If you use compound cold medicines, please pay attention to the total daily amount of acetaminol.

Some compound cold medicines contain harmful ingredients to the fetus. Unless you have to have it, please choose carefully.

For whether you can use Chinese medicine for treatment, the guide believes that it should be used for individual medication and try to avoid pregnancy contraindications. If the condition is needed, the patient should be told to apply it later to avoid injury to the fetus.

The above is the original words of the guide. Sister circle thinks that the actual meaning is to tell you that you can use Chinese medicine without using it. Try to use western medicine for symptomatic treatment.

The guide is also clear about whether antibacterial treatment is needed. Unless it is under the guidance of a doctor, it is not recommended for pregnant women for treatment by themselves, that is, telling you that antibacterial drugs are unless the doctor is prescribed.

09 Do pregnant women need antiviral treatment?

For this issue, the guide does not give a very clear needs or unnecessary answers. Instead, it tells you to weigh the advantages and disadvantages and use it. That is to say, if there is no life, it will not develop into severe illnesses. Generally, it is not recommended.

The antiviral drugs are generally recommended for the combination of Namartvir tablets/Litnaville. For patients within 5 days of the onset, take it every 12 hours and take it for 5 consecutive days.

10 Can a mother be infected with breastfeeding?

The guide is clear that breast milk is the best food for babies. Breast milk itself does not spread the new crown virus, and breastfeeding should be encouraged.

Although the mother is infected with the virus, the situation is stable, and the mother and baby can be in the same room. If the mother’s symptoms are obvious, it is recommended to temporarily separate the mother and baby. The mother and baby should wear the N95 mask.

This must not be different from the baby’s infection with the new crown we imagined. As long as the mother’s condition is stable, they can still live together to avoid the separation of the mother and baby separation.

In short, this guide has clearly answered the top ten key questions that sisters pay attention to. I hope that this article can be transferred to more sisters during pregnancy and alleviate everyone’s tension!

If you think this article is useful, please transfer it to the sisters needed by you. Your likes, reposts, and comments are all encouragement to the sister of the circle. Thank you!

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The Chinese Medical Society Materia Medica Branch: Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatment of Maternal Maternal Crown Virus Infection

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