What should I do if pregnant women suffer from hypertension?

Pregnancy hypertension (referred to as pregnancy hypertension) is a unique and common disease of women during pregnancy.

Tingling, coma, heart and renal failure, and even clinical characteristics of mother and child death.Pregnancy hypertension syndrome is divided into light according to the severity

Degree, moderate, and severe, severe pregnancy hypertension syndrome, also known as signs of eclampsia and eclampsia, has twitched on the basis of hypertension.

1. The effect of pregnancy hypertension on the fetus

The effect of hypertension on the fetus on the fetus should be specifically depends on the circumstances of the disease and the increase in blood pressure.

If the situation is serious, if the blood pressure is increased during early pregnancy, and the drug control is not ideal, there may be abortion or doctor who will suggest you

Terminal pregnancy.

If the pregnancy week is in the middle and late stages, it may seriously affect the blood flow of the placenta of the uterine placenta, resulting in the premature peeling of the placenta and limited fetal growth

As well as medical source premature birth, as well as fetal distress, even the most serious may lead to death in the fetus.

At the same time, you need to remind everyone that there is a certain genetic tendency for hypertension during pregnancy, so pregnant women with hypertension during pregnancy have fertilized

After adulthood, the risk of hypertension disease than the tires given by mothers with hypertension during pregnancy during pregnancy

Children, her incidence is higher.

2. How to prevent pregnancy hypertension

There is no good prevention method for pregnancy and hypertension. For high -risk people, those who are indicated by proper exercise, reasonable diet, calcium supplementation, and pregnancy should be

With a small dose of aspirin, the risk of onset can be reduced.

For people with lower calcium intake, it is recommended to supplement calcium appropriately to prevent the occurrence of early occurrence of eclampsia.

Dangerous, such as the pre -spectacle history, the history of placenta diseases, and some of the early stage of eclampsia

People with critical factor are recommended to start taking aspirin in the early middle of pregnancy, and then they can be eaten until about 35 weeks.

Moderate physical exercise and reasonable arrangements to ensure physical health during pregnancy.

There must be actively controlling weight during pregnancy. The BMI index should be controlled at about 18.5 ~ 25. This risk of pregnancy is also

It will be lower, and the risk of stretch hypertrophy will be lower.

3. What should I do if hypertension during pregnancy

The following points need to be achieved at hypertension during pregnancy:

First, strengthen prenatal inspections, and check in accordance with the rules. Generally, it starts from 3 months of pregnancy.

Check it once a month, 28 weeks in the late pregnancy or 32 weeks after the pregnancy enters the third trimester, it is generally recommended to check it every two weeks.

If the last month of pregnancy, it is recommended to conduct a birth test once a week. If a pregnant woman with hypertension during pregnancy, it is recommended to increase as appropriate

The number of additional checks is best, at least once a month before 7 months of pregnancy, at least half a month or week after 7 months of pregnancy


Second, after the occurrence of blood pressure is particularly elevated, after the improvement of reasonable diet and living habits, blood pressure cannot reach the level of satisfactory.

Pay attention to the reasonable use of antihypertensive drugs, maintain your own feelings, avoid excessive stress and emotional excitement, and ensure sufficient sleep;

Third, pregnant mothers should jointly discuss the best time to terminate pregnancy according to the main diagnosis and inspection doctor according to the blood pressure control during pregnancy.

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