What should I do if the color Doppler ultrasound finds the accumulation of the uterine cavity in the early pregnancy?

For women, inspections find that pregnancy is extremely happy and excited.Women will have early pregnancy reactions during early pregnancy, and some pregnant mothers will have a lottery time in the early pregnancy and discover the blood accumulation of the uterine cavity.

Eplocular bleeding is the separation of choric membrane plates from the bottom molt by early pregnancy, which causes bleeding, and the blood accumulates between the choric membrane and the primer.

According to the proportion of the hypoterous hemorrhage area and the area of the gestational capsule in the maximum cutting surface of the ultrasound, the accumulation of the uterine cavity is divided into three types: light, medium, and weight:

① Light uterine cavity accumulation: 1/3 of the bleeding area <1/3 of the gestational sac area;

② Medium-sized uterine blood accumulation: 1/3-2/3 of the bleeding area is 1/3-2/3;

③ Hypermark blood accumulation: 2/3 of the bleeding area ≥ pregnancy capsule area.

1. During the early pregnancy, the placental velvet tissue is not mature, and the linked connection with the uterine mildew is not solid. The placental velvet tissue is easy to separate from the bottom molt, leading to bleeding;

2. TH1/TH2 cytokine imbalance;

3. Increased attack -type immune cells in the mother tire interface;

4. Nourishing cells invading abnormality of moltation, and small vascular recasting;

5. Immune blood vessel inflammation, aggravate coagulation, and reduce embryonic blood supply;

6. After the ischemia, the injection causes bleeding.

The results of clinical research show that the accumulation of uterine cavity has a close relationship with abortion. In severe cases, the embryo stops developing. When the bleeding is severe, the embryo has a natural abortion. Pregnant women who have accumulated blood in the uterine cavity before 9 weeks of pregnancy have a natural abortion rate.After the week, it was discovered 15 times that of those with blood accumulation.The accumulation of uterine cavity occurred in the early pregnancy. If the fetal heart is beating, the hematoma is not large, the prognosis is usually good.The choric membrane bleeding part is important than hematoma and the amount of bleeding, especially at the placental bleeding (at the attachment of the umbilical cord) and the prognosis is poor.Under the velvet membrane at the bottom of the palace, the prognosis is worse than in the lower section of the uterus.

Patients with accumulation of uterine cavity need to be actively clinical intervention for tire preservation treatment, and strict follow -up, allowing pregnant women to survive early pregnancy.For those who find blood accumulation during the early pregnancy, it is recommended to check the following test items: blood beta-HCG value, coagulation function test: D-2 polymer level, blood progesterone value, E2 value, blood routine, transaminase, HCY, autoimmune, autoimmune autoimmune4 antibodies (ACA, LA, β2-GP1-AB, ANA).

1. Metal bed rest, taboo sex life and strenuous exercise;

2. Pay attention to psychotherapy, relieve anxiety, make their emotional stability, and enhance the confidence of successful fetal success;

3. Conventional tire -keeping methods include muscle injection, oral progesterone drugs, proprietary Chinese medicine, vitamin E, etc.;

4. At the same time, combined with low molecular heparin sodium needle injection per day 1-2 every day, until the accumulation of the uterine cavity is significantly smaller or disappeared 1-2 weeks to stop the medicine;

5. If pregnant women merge with their own antibody abnormalities, add immunosuppressive agent treatment as appropriate;

6. Regularly check the accumulation of uterine cavity.

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