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The endometrium changes with the cycle of the ovaries, that is, the thickness is different at different times.Lost the support of estrogen and progesterone, thickened endometrium began to be necrotic and caused bleeding, so that the menstrual period arrived as scheduled.

At present, there is no thin-type uterine endometrial unified diagnosis standard, but most scholars believe that the thickness of the endometrium that is more suitable for embryo is 8-14mm, and the thickness of the endometrium under the ultrasound is <7 mm or 8 mm.membrane.

Let ’s take a look at the improvement measures of thin uterine endometrium.First, I emphasize that the following content is only popular science. Remember not to take medicine without authorization!

Clinical instrumental treatment:

Uterine fallopian tube iodine oil angiography (HSG)

HSG can effectively improve the thickness of the uterine endometrium. The mechanism may be related to the following factors: the effects of the contrast agent on the mechanical flushing and separation of the uterine cavity adhesion of the uterine cavity;, To promote endometrial thickening.

Uterine endometrial minimally invasive technique

Mechanical trauma can stimulate endometriosis and immune response, secrete a series of cytokines, growth factors, and trendy factor, and participate in tissue reshaping and blood vessel formation.At the same time, it can also promote endometrial spiral arteries and endometrial vascularization, and promote the hyperplasia and differentiation of epithelial and matrix cells.

Neuromuscular electrical stimulation and biological feedback therapy

Can improve the local environment and cycle of the pelvic cavity.

NMES biological electrical stimuli pulse can improve the local environment and cycle of the pelvic cavity. It is currently widely used in gynecological diseases, such as special pelvic cavity and dysmenorrhea, and obtain good clinical prognosis.

Stem cell therapy

Recently related to the existence of epithelial stem cells in human uterine endometrium and mesenchymal stem cells, providing preliminary basis for stem cell therapy.

medical treatement:

Estrogen and artificial alternative cycle drugs

The study reminds that after the application of gercopoliol in the controlling ovulation cycle, the thickness of the endometrium increased significantly, from 6.7 mm to 8.6mm, and the pregnancy rate and pregnancy rate also increased significantly.

However, the effect of estrogen in endometrium growth is still controversial. In addition, the dosage and dosage scheme of estrogen are not yet uniform. Clinically, it is necessary to combine the specific situation and clinical treatment experience of patients.

Common estrogen drugs are orally Bujia Le, vaginal placing fen (red tablets) and taller estrogen patch (pine), which can promote endometrial growth.

Gonadotropin release hormone agonist (GNRHA)

In recent years, it has been reported that adding GNRHA in the luteal period can increase the thickness of the endometrium, which directly acts on the GNRH receptor of the endometrium, prompting the elevated hormone (LH) level in the serum in the serum, stimulating endocrine and side secretion to produce planting required for planting.Vascularogenic growth factor, cytokines and adhesion factor.

The joint use of hexone alkali and vitamin E

Headone cocoa is a non -specific perimeter perimeter dilatation drug. Its metabolic products have the effect of improving blood viscosity and improving microcirculation. It can improve red blood cell deformation and inhibit neutrophil adhesion and activation, and increase local blood flow.

Vitamin E has the function of promoting female estrogen secretion, and it is also a very important vascular dilatent, which has the effects of antioxidant protected body cells from free radicals.

"Viagra" (also known as Westland Africa or Wan Ai Ke))

Can treat male erectile dysfunction.For women, the supply of endometrial blood flow can be strengthened and the endometrium growth can be strengthened.The vaginal administration is better.

Low -dose aspirin cannot be less

Aspirin is known as the medicine king and can treat many diseases.It can also promote the production of internal blood vessels in the uterus, improve the endometrium tolerance, and use it with estrogen, which is better.

There are many reasons for the endometrium, some are due to abortion, some are abnormal because of the abnormal endocrine system, and some are taking contraceptives for a long time … so we must take the right medicine.Once again, after you need to go to the hospital for diagnosis, you need to choose the right medicine under the guidance of a doctor. Do not take medicine without authorization.

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