What should I do if the pregnant mother has a wisdom teeth?

What should I do if the pregnant mother has a wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth, scientific name third grinding teeth.It refers to the four third -moving teeth on the innermost up and down, left and right of the alveolar bone in the human mouth. Because of the different individual differences, the number of wisdom teeth is ranging from zero to four.However, the wisdom teeth are often accompanied by pain during the growth process, which is unbearable. It requires treatment methods such as drugs or surgery to relieve pain. But how should expectant mothers deal with wisdom teeth during pregnancy?In this regard, we deliberately consulted Dr. Chang Xiaolan from Yongqi Dental Clinic to see what experts said.

Causes of wisdom teeth pain

First, the growth position of wisdom teeth is incorrect. For example, nearly medium -to -medium resistance, distant obstruction, inverted wisdom teeth, and even some wisdom teeth are covered by gums, and the position is relatively low.

Second, when brushing your teeth.The method of brushing the teeth is incorrect or not in place. It does not clean up the residual objects around the wisdom teeth, causing bacterial infections, so some gums or teeth inflammation is produced.

Prevention pre -pregnancy is important

Experts suggest that friends who are preparing for the baby should grow wisdom teeth during pregnancy and should go to the oral clinic to take an X -ray film to see how the growth of the wisdom teeth is.

First, if the support position grows very positively, but it is not completely sprouting, it can allow experts to use medicine to make the wisdom teeth completely sprout.

2. If the position of the wisdom teeth is not right and the phenomenon of obstruction occurs, the doctor can perform surgery and pull out the wisdom teeth in advance.

Third, remind our friends to pay more attention to oral hygiene in normal times.

What to do if pregnant mothers grow wisdom teeth

The pregnancy reaction causes the pregnant woman’s oral environment to be poor, and the level of hormones has also changed, which exacerbates the wisdom of wisdom tooth crown during pregnancy. Most of the wisdom tooth crown inflammation occurs when the mandibular wisdom teeth are incomplete or the soft tissue of the soft tissue surrounding the crown is occurred.

First, because pregnant women are not suitable for receiving X -ray examination during pregnancy, and there are many complications of wisdom tooth removal surgery, the trauma of pregnant women is relatively large, and the injury to the fetus during the operation and postoperative medication is relatively large.Conservative treatment.

Second, if the inflammation is relatively mild, you can take part in medicine. Generally, you can see the effect for one to two weeks.If inflammation is serious, experts suggest that drugs can consider drugs, and the specific situation must be listened to the doctor’s suggestion.

Third, experts tell us that oral diseases are more important than treatment, so remind everyone to do a systematic oral examination before planning to pregnancy.Receive treatment in the second trimester.

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