What should I do if the pregnant mother is "Yang"?How to use medicine?Zibo Women’s Preschool Physician answered questions for you

At present, most of the infected people generally have improved in 3-4 days, and they can recover in about 5-7 days. Symptoms include fever, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat, cough, muscle soreness, etc.The infection rate and symptoms of pregnant women are similar to ordinary people. Maternal mothers with basic diseases and chronic diseases may increase symptoms after infection.

1. Anniest -free pregnant mothers do not need to use medicine, relax, pay attention to rest, eat light diet, exercise appropriately.

2. How to use the symptoms of fever?Anti -fever drugs need to be used for more than 38.5 ° C. It is recommended to use the acetyl aminophenol oral antipyretic treatment.

If there is no acetaminol, you can also use ibuprofen and 吲哚 吲哚, but you need to pay attention to whether it is within the corresponding pregnancy period.Ibuprofen oral administration is Class B, but it is D -Class D during the late pregnancy (after 28 weeks) or near childbirth.Therefore, it is not recommended to use it in advanced pregnancy.

Mihie’s short -term use is relatively safe and can also be used clinically for fetal protection.However, if you use it after 32 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal arterial catheter may shrink and narrow, especially if the application of the fetal arterial catheter will be closed early if the application is applied for more than 48 hours after 34 weeks of pregnancy.

The above three drugs can degenerate both and alleviate symptoms such as muscle soreness and pain. However, priority is recommended to acetaminol during pregnancy. The latter two are restricted and not recommended.

3. The cough is obvious. What kind of medicine does sputum are difficult to take?Cough is a defensive reflection movement of the body, but severe cough may increase the abdominal pressure of pregnant mothers and cause adverse consequences.You can choose a proprietary pental cough synthetic agent to give cough and phlegm, and at the same time, the acetylcysteine (FDA: Class B drugs) is used for sputum treatment.

4. What should I do if the nasal congestion runny nose?It can be treated with a physiological saline or sea salt water.

5. What should I do if I am allergic during the infection?Class B is definitely used for chlorine, and the second -generation antihistamines are safe during pregnancy.

6. How to use basic diseases or chronic diseases?Pregnant mothers with basic or chronic diseases after infection, if there are autoimmune diseases, anti -phospholipid antibody syndrome, systemic lupus erythematosus, hypertension, diabetes, etc., you must first consult the doctor when medication.Avoid interaction between drugs, or have an impact on basic diseases.(Source: Zibo Maternal and Child Health Hospital)

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