What should I do if the stomach of a pregnant woman should do?

What should pregnant women have a hard stomach? The stomach of the stomach during pregnancy is generally caused by contractions. Do not worry about painless contractions, but if it has not yet reached the expected period of contraction, it should be accompanied by pain, and you should go to the hospital for examination immediately.So, what should be done for pregnant women’s stomach?


B ultrasound

When pregnant women have hard stomachs, contractions, and pain, go to the hospital for B -ultrasound examination to check the fetal development and see if it is a sign of miscarriage.

Treatment method: If it is a sign of miscarriage, under the guidance of a doctor, you should take drugs that inhibit contractions for tire preservation treatment. At the same time, pay attention to bed rest.

Precautions for pregnant women B -ultrasound:

1. Wear clothes that are wide and easy to wear and take off

When pregnant women go to the hospital for a B -ultrasound, it is best to wear large and easy to wear clothes and shoes, which can save time and relax the mood of expectant mothers.

2. Pedisted in advance

Pregnant women in early pregnancy do B time, to accumulate a certain amount of urination in the bladder to see clearly, so at this time, expectant mothers need to hold urine in advance.In the middle and late pregnancy, there are amniotic fluid in the pregnant woman’s palace, so there is no need to urinate.

3. Do not eat foods that are easy to produce gas

Pregnant women can eat food before making B, but be careful not to eat foods that are prone to gas, such as milk, sweet potatoes, etc., so as not to hinder the penetration of ultrasonic waves, causing the visible organs to be unclear.

4. Relax

Pregnant women’s B ultrasound should be relaxed as much as possible to cooperate with doctors for examination.If you are too nervous during inspection, it may affect the effect of the inspection.


Fetal heart monitoring

Pregnant women’s stomach can also be performed for fetal heart monitoring, evaluating the condition in the fetus, check whether the pregnant woman has irregular contractions, or a sign of premature birth. If there is any proper treatment.

Note: You can also check whether the fetus is hypoxic and understand the health of the fetus.

How to look at fetal heart monitoring

There are two main lines in fetal heart monitoring. The above one is fetal heart rate. Under normal circumstances, it fluctuates between 120-160. Generally, the basic heart rate line is manifested as a waveform line.The curve.

The following indicates that internal pressure, as long as it increases when the child shrinks, will then keep about 20mmHg.If there are more than 50 uterine pressures in the uterine cavity in 10 minutes, it means that this pregnant woman has symptoms of giving birth. If it is not expected, pay attention to the treatment of tires.

Reminder: Do not do it after 11 o’clock, because pregnant women are hungry, it will also affect the result.


What are the reasons why pregnant women’s stomachs

Pregnant women’s belly is a manifestation of contractions, and the causes of contractions during pregnancy can be divided into two types, physiological and pathological factors.

1. Physiological

The physiological uterine contraction can appear from 12-14 weeks of pregnancy. It is manifested as an irregular painless contraction. Pregnant women can feel that the abdomen is tight, and it can also be touched from the abdomen to the uterus.In the future, with the progress of pregnancy, the frequency and intensity of the contractions increase, but there is no regularity, and the strength will not make the pressure in the uterine cavity exceeding 2kPa, so there is no pain and salty pain in the contraction.Under the influence of physiological contractions, the lower section of the uterus gradually formed, the cervix tends to soften maturity, and gradually transitions to the uterine contraction after giving birth.

2. Pathological

Pathological uterine dwozons are found in abortion or premature birth. The pathological uterine contraction of the pathological uterine during pregnancy is large, which can make the pressure in the uterine cavity exceeding 2kPa, so it is painful contraction.Abortion is often accompanied by uterine bleeding, and premature birth is manifested as the regularity and effectiveness of the uterus. If it is not processed in time, the cervix is shortened, the uterine mouth expands, and the vulvar blood secretions are developed from aura.


What to do if the stomach of a pregnant woman is hard

1. Deep breathing

When the stomach of a pregnant woman is stiff, you can try to relax and exercise slowly to relieve the symptoms of discomfort.

Methods of deep breathing: ① lying flat, closed eyes, relaxation of thoughts, breathing deep in the nose; ② relax the abdomen with deep breath of mouth;

2. Pay attention to rest

The stomach of pregnant women is very common. Pregnant women do not need to worry too much, just take a break.Especially in the third trimester of pregnancy, the belly is already very large, which is a huge burden for pregnant women.

3. Pay attention to fetal movement and contractions

When the stomach of the pregnant woman is hard, don’t panic first, but be calmly judged whether it is true contraction or fake contraction, and pay attention to whether there is a premature birth.

The difference between true and false contractions:

True contraction is a regular uterine contraction, and the interval between the shift contraction gradually shorten up, the intensity gradually increases, and the abdomen and back of the pregnant woman will have discomfort.

The contraction interval of false contractions is irregular, and the contraction interval is long, the strength is not changed, and there is no discomfort.If you have discomfort, it is mainly in the lower abdomen.

Reminder: Pregnant women often have a hard stomach, and can be used as a irregular contraction for fetal heart monitoring observations. If there is irregular contractions, appropriate treatment should be treated.

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