What should I do to deal with fetal stopping?Will the fetal stopped once will affect the fertility again?

In recent years, there are many expectant mothers who have "tire stop" around them. Most of them occur before 10 weeks of pregnancy, or have no fetal heart, or have fetal stops after fetal heart …Things, for families who have just learned of pregnancy, are undoubtedly a heavy blow.So what is tire stop? What should I do if the fetal stop should be?

The embryo stops, and some people call it "fetal stop". It means that as the month increases after pregnancy, the embryo stops continuing to develop. It may be that there is an empty embryo sac that can not emerge from the germ, or the germ appears in the embryo sac, but there is no never been there.The fetal heart beating may also have fetal heart beating before, and later disappeared.

In fact, in the early pregnancy, expectant mothers should find that the fetus is difficult to stop. Because some people’s performance is similar to the aura abortion, such as a small amount of vaginal bleeding and mild abdominal pain, and many people have no symptoms at all, so under the circumstances, in the caseIt may have stopped the fetus, but the expectant mother did not find it until the next inspection was discovered.

In addition to checking, expectant mothers can also observe their early pregnancy response. If the early pregnancy response suddenly disappears in the short term, it may also be a manifestation of fetal stopping, which needs to be vigilant.

Once the fetal stopping occurs, it means that the abortion has occurred, and it is impossible to recover. However, the embryo has not been excreted, so there is only a clearance surgery in the next step.Therefore, there are no other better solutions on the treatment of fetal stopping.

If there is only a natural miscarriage, you don’t have to be frightened when you are preparing for the next pregnancy and pregnancy, because there is no way to prevent natural miscarriage.In the next pregnancy and early pregnancy, avoid contact with teratogenic factors as much as possible.

Under normal circumstances, most women (more than 75%) who have encountered fetal stopping will be normal next to pregnancy!So forget the unpleasant pregnancy experience as an occasional incident, do not cause burden on yourself or family, raise your body well afterwards, prepare for pregnancy again, and welcome healthy babies in a good state!

The previous introduction is about the common sense of fetal stop. I hope to help expectant mothers. In fact, pregnancy is a natural thing. If the embryo baby is high -quality, it will generally not occur.Even if it is guaranteed, there may be problems with problems after birth, but they have increased their burdens.Therefore, if the expectant mothers occur, if they encounter a fetal stop, don’t be discouraged and raise their bodies.Jingma said, share practical mother -child parenting knowledge!Welcome to follow ~ Moma!Moms have any pregnancy, pregnancy, childbirth and parenting issues. Welcome to consult or leave a message to discuss.

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