What should I pay attention to during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a period when it is very important to maintain a healthy state. Because the mother’s health can make the fetus grow, what should be paid attention to during pregnancy exercise?


Now most women care about weight, but the weight gain during pregnancy is normal, because the fetus gradually grows and the weight is relatively increased; so during pregnancy, do not let the numbers be prioritized, proper weight increase and maintain pregnant women properly and maintain pregnant womenThe health of the fetus is the most important.

The belly is getting bigger, the more you need to train the core

Do I have to practice abdominal muscles during pregnancy?of course not.During pregnancy, the abdominal muscles and pelvic bottom muscles are long, and muscle contraction ability is weakened. Therefore, the core of training is to allow pregnant women to have better strength, successfully complete the uncomfortable uncomfortable joints in life, and improve the joints such as back pain and back pain.question.As for what training content can be done, it is recommended to do multi -directional functional core training, such as birds and dogs, bridges, sticks, etc.

Maintain your exercise intensity during pregnancy

If you have the habit of dancing before pregnancy, please keep dancing.But avoid being engaged in the severe sports items that have not been tried (such as ice skating, rock climbing …), which may cause unnecessary accidents that are not familiar, so as long as it is maintained is the biggest progress.

Do not exhaustion during pregnancy

During my mother’s pregnancy, the heart rate and quiet heartbeat rate will be higher than when they are not conceived. In addition, pregnant women must help the fetus grow, and the physical condition will change with after conception.At present, the degree of exercise fatigue is about 5 to 80 %). At the same time, it is more appropriate to seek professional coach guidance.

Exercise during pregnancy needs to pay attention to the following situations.

If vaginal bleeding occurs, unusual breathing, unusual muscle weakness, swelling or pain of calf, decreased fetal movement, signs of premature birth and amniotic fluid rupture, dizziness (pain) chest tightness, please stop your exercise and take a doctor.

Maintain effective training during pregnancy. In the future, not only will continue to maintain health, children will also imitate their mother to make a healthy lifestyle. If the doctor’s permission is permitted, let the pregnant woman’s healthy exercise during pregnancy!

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