What should I pay attention to during pregnancy / postpartum sex life?

Some women or partners during pregnancy should be more confused about whether they should live sex during pregnancy. At the same time, they are accompanied by some columns, such as whether sexual life during pregnancy will cause abortion, whether it will cause harm to the fetus, what position needs to be avoided, whether postpartum after deliveryYou can also live normally … If you have the same doubts, the following content is just in line with your needs!

Sex is part of the normal needs of human beings, and it is also an indispensable link for pregnancy.Normal sexual life during pregnancy does not cause harm to the fetus -because TA is protected by the muscles of the abdomen and uterus and the surrounding amniotic fluid.

The muscle contraction caused by the orgasm and the muscle contraction during childbirth is not the same thing. There is no need to worry about it that will cause miscarriage or cause childbirth.Some doctors emphasized not to have sex during pregnancy because they believe that prostinine in semen will promote contraction and childbirth (the drugs that promote delivery are prostinin).But this kind of connection is only theoretical, and there is no direct result to prove that reasonable sexual life during pregnancy can cause abortion or childbirth.

Although there can be normal sex during pregnancy, people with the following situations are best to avoid having risk or abortion history; there is a risk of premature birth; vaginal bleeding, secretions or spasms of unknown reasons; amniotic vessel leakage or rupture;The cervix is prematurely open; the placenta position is relatively low.

Note: If the doctor tells you not to have sex during pregnancy, in addition to sexual intercourse, it also includes orgasm and sexuality.

Each woman may have different experiences for pregnancy, which also includes sexual experience during pregnancy.Some women will be reduced during pregnancy, while others will be enhanced and have a shorter evidence time.

The changes in body shape during pregnancy will also affect women’s sexual desire -perhaps slowly becoming larger as the belly becomes larger, and it becomes a bit difficult in sexual life; perhaps because of the growth of pregnancy and bust, I feel more sexy.

The feelings in sexual life during pregnancy must be discussed in a timely manner with the partner, and it is also convenient for both parties to find a safe and comfortable posture.However, it is worth noting that after 4 months of pregnancy, try not to adopt a female posture, which will oppress the fetus and prevent the contraction of the main blood vessels of the fetus.It is also recommended to use the side lying or women’s posture.

After fertility, the sexual desire of some people may be reduced, and the main reasons for this situation are: the wound of the vulva or cesarean section is still recovering; the fatigue caused by pregnancy or during childbirth;Change of hormones; breast pain during breastfeeding; some emotional causes: such as postpartum depression, the anxiety of the first mother, the contradiction between the character change and the new dad.

After childbirth, the 6-8 weeks of recovery will usually be required to start sexual life again.As long as the wound heals, sex life is safe.If you are still worried, you can help the doctor to view.Of course, when the specific postpartum starts to start sexual life, in addition to objective consideration, emotional preparation, physiological comfort and relaxation are very important.Considering the reality and pressure of the first mother, some people may take 1 year to fully restore their sexual life, so the husband and wife need to maintain sufficient patience.

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