What should I pay attention to in 4 months?These 5 areas are important, pregnant women are collected

Guide: Four months of pregnancy, back pain, back pain, itching on the body, how to relieve it?What are the precautions?

Mumu’s daughter -in -law has been pregnant for four months. She has always had backache and back pain recently, and then itchy on her body. She takes a bath every day. I do n’t know why. He wants to ask if there is any special attention?Really a good husband, I really know cold and hot to my daughter -in -law!

4 months of pregnancy is about 16 weeks, and there are still many things to pay attention to.First of all, why do you have back pain and itching on your body.

Back pain is a common phenomenon during pregnancy. It is normal. It cannot be fully prevented. It can only be eased.After the fetus is enlarged, the center of gravity of the body will move forward, which increases the burden of lumbar and tail spine.In the vein of excess water in the body in the body, the lumbar nerves and spine cannot be available for sufficient oxygen supply.The level of progesterone is rising, the bone joint becomes relaxed, and back pain will be back pain.


Pay attention to rest, do not take too many ways, do not stand for too long.

A pillow on the waist when sleeping is relieved.

It is also helpful to put a waist support on the seat.

After pregnancy, a series of changes have occurred in endocrine, which can cause itching of the skin, and it will disappear by itself after childbirth.When the fetus grows, the belly starts to expand and stretch, and the belly will itch. This is a precursor of stretch marks.

Tips: Use the warm water or pepper water with vinegar to wash the belly and itching, and it will be relieved.

1. Pay attention to the birth inspection:

There is an important checkup on 16-18 weeks, that is, Tang’s screening. You must do non-invasive DNA over 35 years old. Don’t miss it.

If there is no file and no comprehensive check -up, you should go to the hospital to add.

2. Pay attention to nutrition

After 4 months, the reaction of early pregnancy disappears, and the appetite will increase, but don’t overeating.Pay attention to the balanced nutrition and eat more vegetables, fruits, lean meat.The fetus does not have meat, beautiful during pregnancy, and the fetus is healthier.

3. Pay attention to exercise

For 4 months, I regained the vitality of the past again. I was no longer so tired. I could no longer be lazy at home. I need to go out to move more, take a walk, chat, expose the sun, strengthen the body, relax, promote the mood, promote the mood, promote the mood, promote the mood, promote the mood, promote the promotionBone development.

4. Pay attention to prenatal education

Four months later, the fetus becomes a small "eavesdropper". You can hear the voices of the outside world. Pay attention to avoid the noisy environment and avoid restless fetus.To listen to some beautiful music and study, correct prenatal education, and raise a smart and elegant baby.

5. Pay attention to wearing maternity pants

After 4 months, the waist began to thicken and the belly increased. The previous clothes were a bit tight. Pay attention to wearing pregnant women’s pants to protect the stomach, keep the stomach comfortable, and escort the health of the fetus.

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