What should pregnant women pay attention to during pregnancy?

The hotter weather, bathing is a compulsory course for pregnant moms.Because pregnant women are more likely to fever and sweat, and metabolism will be stronger than ordinary people, it is best for pregnant mummy to bathe every day.

However, pregnant moms are also particular about bathing and bathing. So what problems should pregnant mummy pay attention to when bathing?

What should pregnant women pay attention to?

1. Pay attention to the temperature of the water should not be too high:

Medical research shows that excessive water temperature will damage the central nervous system of the fetus.According to clinical research, the body temperature of pregnant mothers increases by 2 ° C normally, which will stagnate the fetal brain cells of the fetus; if it rises 3 ° C, it may have the possibility of killing brain cells.Once the brain cells are damaged, they are mostly irreversible permanent damage.After the fetus is born, intellectual disorders can occur, and even deformities are formed, such as small eyeballs, lip cracks, outer ear deformities, etc. Some can also cause seizures.Generally speaking, the higher the temperature of the water, the more severe the damage.Therefore, the temperature of the water during the bathing mother should be below 38 ° C. It is best not to go to the warm pond or pot.

2. Instead of bathing in the bath cover:

In order to avoid cold insulation, some families like to take a bath in the bathroom in winter to bathe. Ordinary people can cope with it, but it is not suitable for pregnant mothers.Because pregnant mothers bear the oxygen supply of the mother’s fetuses, the oxygen consumption is relatively large. Once the oxygen in the bath cover is getting less and less, the pregnant mommy will soon develop symptoms such as dizziness, dazzling, weakness, and chest tightness.This is because the bathrooms are relatively closed, the water in the bathtub is hot, and the water steam is filled with water. After a period of breathing, the oxygen in the cover will gradually decrease. In addition, the temperature will gradually rise, and the hypoxia will be more serious. In addition, the hypoxia will be more serious. In additionDue to the stimulation of hot water, the capillaries of the whole body can be expanded, causing the blood supply to the pregnant mother’s brain, plus hypoxia in the cover, and it is more likely to cause syncope.At the same time, the fetus will be hypoxic, the fetal heartbeat is accelerated, and severe cases can also cause the fetal nervous system to be adversely affected.

3. Pregnant women should wash the shower, do not sit in the bathtub to take a bath:

The endocrine function of the body after pregnancy has changed in many ways. The acidic secretions with sterilization effect in the vagina decreased, and the natural defense function in the body is reduced., Uterine, leading to vaginitis, fallopian tubeitis, etc.In addition, the bathroom of the public bathroom is used in public. If you do not pay attention to washing and disinfection before using, it is easy to infect hid or mold vaginitis, and even infected with other sexually transmitted diseases, affecting the health of the mother and child.Take a bath without bending, especially suitable for pregnant mumped mumped mumped in advanced pregnancy.You can wipe the bath or rinse with the water basin or bucket when there is no shower.

4. Pregnant moms are heavy and do not move. In order to ensure safety, they should pay attention to supporting the wall while taking a bath to prevent slipping and falling.

Place a anti -slip pad.In addition, bathing is best not to lock the door from the inside, so as not to affect the ambulance when accidents occur; put the soap in a fixed place after use. Otherwise, it is very dangerous to step on it., So as not to affect the health of the fetus.

Pay attention to cleaning and massage skin during bathing during pregnancy

When taking a bath, you should use a shower supplies without irritating and natural moisturizing ingredients to clean it. If you can add moderate massage, the effect is better and can keep the whole body skin elastic.After washing, when the skin is still moist, apply a thin layer of moisturizing lotion on the whole body to make the skin’s skin smooth and tender.

In addition, in addition to the large -scale cleaning of the body, you must also pay special attention to the cleaning of small places and wrinkles, including: ear, back, nails, toes, armpits, navels, vulva, and anal entrance, because these small places are particularly special in these small places.It is easy to hide dirt, you need to pay more attention to cleaning.Among them, the navel is the easiest to be negligible, so you can use a cotton stick to dip some baby oil or lotion to clean the dirt of the navel when taking a bath, so that the dirt is softened and then washed softly. Usually, it cannot be cleaned at once.If you are reluctant, avoid damage to the skin around the belly button due to excessive force, causing bleeding of the skin, but it is easy to cause infection, causing serious damage to pregnant moms and fetuses.

The cleaning of the vulva is also very important (especially the pregnant mummy with too much weight), because pregnant mommy is particularly prone to infection with eczema to cause itching of the genitals. It is the best way to prevent cleaning.In addition, do n’t rush to put on panties after washing. You can cover a loose gown or skirt. After the pussy is air -dried, you can wear underwear to effectively prevent itching of the genitals.

Bathing and bathing are not only personal hygiene habits, but also a kind of enjoyment.After bathing, the gods are refreshing and the body is comfortable. Women should especially adhere to this habit of health.After women’s pregnancy, due to changes in the body’s endocrine, metabolism gradually increases, and the secretion of sweat glands and sebaceous glands will also be strong. Therefore, pregnant women need to take a regular bath more than ordinary people.

During pregnancy, pregnant women should be used as much as possible when bathing and bathing. The temperature should not be too high. At the same time, pay attention to cleaning and massage.

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