What should we do if pregnant women infect the new crown virus?Experts from Shenyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital answered hot issues on hot issues

"Ensure that the green passage of the emergency consultation of pregnant women is smooth to ensure the safety of maternal and infants." On December 25, Li Yan, director of obstetrics clinic of Shenyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital in Shenyang, introduced that the hospital’s outpatient emergency treatment process was optimized and adopted an online appointment model.Reduce the number of maternal queues and shorten the stay in the maternal hospital.At the same time, various related issues faced by pregnant women are guided by various methods such as WeChat group, QQ group, WeChat public account, and hotline in the courtyard.At the same time, Li Yan also answered the questions about the infection of the new coronary virus that the pregnant woman was infected with the new coronary virus.

Q: What are the symptoms of maternal infection with new coronal virus?What should I do?

Answer: 1. Generally, symptoms of infection include fever, cough, dry throat, sore throat, runny nose, muscle pain, etc., usually naturally or after taking the medicine.

2. The symptoms of fever in pregnant women should be actively dealt with. They can use ice packs, warm water, rubbing armpit, groin, cricket nest, elbow fossa and other large blood vessels to cool down. Anti -fever medicine should be taken when exceeding 38.5 ° C.

3. Try to live alone.

Question: What happens to go to the hospital for treatment?

Answer: Heat -made medicine has not improved, or severe discomfort such as chest pain, chest tightness, headache, dizziness, panic, breath, shortness of breath, asthma, etc., or symptoms such as abdominal pain, vaginal hemorrhage, vaginal fluid, fetal movement abnormalities, etc.Hospital diagnosis and treatment.

Question: How to use medicine after maternal infection with new coronal virus?

Answer: After the maternal maternal infection with the new coronal virus, there is no symptoms of discomfort, and no drug treatment is required. Keep calm and rest.In the early stage of the onset, you can use targeted medication according to the symptoms of the occurrence, such as fever fever, cough, sputum, cough and phlegm.No other drugs are needed, such as antiviral drugs.

In the choice of medication, try to choose unilateral preparations, such as antipyretic drugs preferentially to choose acetaminol. The product is named heating and darling tablets or Tennolin. The daily dose should not exceed 2g.Do not choose a compound preparation containing acetylphenol. The composition in the compound is not suitable for the application of pregnant women.Ibuprofen can be taken during breastfeeding and avoids use as much as possible during pregnancy.For pregnant women who are infected with new coronary viruses and have basic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes, they must first consult a doctor or pharmacist when choosing to treat drugs infected by new coronary virus infections to avoid the interaction between drugs.Or affect basic diseases.

Q: Will pregnant women infect the new coronal virus infected with the fetus?

Answer: International studies have shown that the probability of transmission in the new coronary virus is extremely low. Domestic and foreign experts analyzed cases in the middle and late pregnancy, and found that their placenta, amniotic fluid, and umbilical cord blood were not detected.Therefore, there is no sufficient evidence to prove that the new coronary virus can be infected through the placenta.

Question: Do pregnant women infect the new coronal virus, must she have a cesarean section?

Answer: At present, the detection rate of the new coronal virus in the pregnant woman’s vagina after the new coronal virus is very low, and there is no evidence that the cesarean section is better than normal delivery.Therefore, without obstetric indicators, while protecting the protection, encourage natural delivery.

Question: How do pregnant women do well?

Answer: Maternal mothers wear masks in public places, and wear N95 masks when they go to medical institutions.

Master the correct method of washing hands. After going home, it is recommended to wash your hands with flowing water according to the standard method of wash or soap, or use hand -free disinfectant to disinfect the hand.Conditional mothers are recommended to rinse and clean the nasal cavity before going out or home.

At home or in the office, it often ventilates to keep the air circulation, but keep warm and not cool.

Reduce the place where personnel aggregate and space are closed.Try to reduce the stay in the hospital through online appointment and appointment inspection.

For families with pregnant women and newborns, family members must be vaccinated to prevent the infection of maternal and newborn; pay attention to the health monitoring and protection of other members of the family, once infected symptoms, nucleic acid or antigen positive, etc.Both pregnant women should take protective measures. Infected people should try to separate as much as possible and use independent bathrooms. They must not have an isolated room. We must wear the N95 mask, wash hands or use hand -free and disinfection.Family public areas and keep a safe distance from those who are not infected.

Shen Bao all media reporter Fan Hua

Source: Shenyang Daily

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