What to do if pregnant women have headaches and disgusting

Many expectant mothers have headaches during pregnancy, which not only brings physical discomfort, but also affects the emotions of pregnant women.So, how should pregnant women have headaches? Many people worry that headaches will be unfavorable to children, so will it affect?

1. Method of headache for pregnant women

1.1, turn head

The surrounding environment must be quiet and comfortable. Drink a glass of warm water first, then gradually relax, take a deep breath and close your eyes to rest, gently rub the temples on both sides to massage the head; turn your head to relax your neck.Massage your head slowly, then shrugging.

1.2, massage

Massage neck can also relieve headaches.Start massage from the muscles between the head and the neck, and then from the shoulder to the head.

1.3, bath

Rinse the neck and shoulders under hot water with a suitable hot water shower.

1.4, medical treatment

If headaches are caused by head injuries, or symptoms such as vomiting, unclear things, and vagueness of consciousness during headaches, you need to go to the hospital for treatment early.

2. The disgusting method of pregnant women

2.1, eat less meals: In terms of diet, advocate eating less meals, not greasy and spicy foods, which can alleviate pregnancy reactions such as nausea and vomiting.

Most women often appear nausea and vomiting within 1 to 3 months after pregnancy, especially in the early morning or evening, and some vomiting is very serious.Eating or eating less can prevent nausea and vomiting, and some pregnant women do not want to eat because they are afraid of vomiting. In fact, not only can not reduce vomiting, but also make pregnant women lack nutritional supply, which is not good for maternal and infants. Pregnant women are nauseous.The occurrence of vomiting is mainly due to the stimulation effect of increasing estrogen on the smooth muscle of the gastrointestinal and intestines. Mild nausea and vomiting can not be treated, let alone fast or eat less.

2.2, vitamin B6 stop vomiting

Many pregnant women have a serious pregnancy response in the early days, and nausea and vomiting cannot be eaten. Doctors often allow a small amount of vitamin B6 to stop vomiting.And some pregnant women think that vitamin B6 is vitamin and the material required by the human body. Without the disadvantages, it takes a long time.In fact, it is harmful to the fetus.Due to too much vitamin B6 for a long time, the fetus has dependence on it. Medically it is called vitamin B6 dependence.

2.3. Use ginger to treat pregnant women with nausea and vomiting.

Ginger is the same as using vitamin B6, which can alleviate the occurrence of nausea, nausea and vomiting.Ginger as a traditional Chinese medicinal material can reduce the effects of nausea, nausea, and vomiting in pregnant women, and the effect of each period of early pregnancy is equivalent.

2.4, stop vomiting food therapy

Dietary of pregnancy and vomiting can be used: half a cup of sugar cane juice, 1 tablespoon of fresh aunt.Peel the sugar cane, smashed the juice, wash the fresh ginger, mash the juice, and then pour the two juice together, and drink it with a slight warmth.Have the skills of stomach and vomiting.Glutinous rice soup: 120 grams of glutinous rice, boiled soup according to the normal method, warm and warm food four times a day, fasting and cold food.It has the effect of benefiting and qi.Coptis chinensis 1.5 grams and 3 grams of Su Ye.Drink Huanglian and Su Ye water for tea and drink frequently.Functions clear heat and stomach.200 grams of leeks, 200 grams of fresh ginger, moderate sugar.Wash and chop the leeks and ginger, smash the juice, and mix well with sugar.Has the merit of warmth to stop vomiting.10 grams of fresh celery roots, 15 grams of licorice, 1 egg, wash the fresh celery roots and licorice first, and boil the soup.Function clear heat and lower inverse.

1. The blood pressure in the early pregnancy changes, and the amount of hormone secretion in the body is also different from the original, which will affect the blood circulation of the brain.

2. After pregnancy, the fetus and the mother are competing for nutrition, which makes the body "incomparable" and affects the blood supply to the brain.

3. If pregnant women are not resting, lack of sleep, and tired work, the brain will have insufficient oxygen supply, and headaches will also cause headaches.

4. Pregnant women have symptoms such as hypertension, edema, proteinuria, headache, etc., which are pregnant women with pregnancy hypertension syndrome unique to pregnancy.

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