What to do with extramarital pregnancy

The male lead and woman are pregnant and the marriage is gone. What should I do?Don’t panic, mastering these 3 tricks can definitely deal with her!

General betrayal is relatively easy to recover, but once a woman is pregnant, she will not let it go easily. Her husband will hesitate. In this case, the wife must not shrink back. You can try these three methods.

1. Help husbands analyze the consequences of the birth of the child.

Many men may be just playing, but once they understand the situation outside the situation, the woman is pregnant, he starts to pay attention.This is the most critical time.The wife should not only lose his temper to him, but calm down and tell him the serious problems after the wedding woman was born.

You have to let him know how to deal with the child. If he is born, how much care is needed, what should I do if it is a woman outside of marriage?He dealt with the relationship between the current child and the child outside made him feel pressure, and he will naturally unite with you.

2. Both soft and hard, insist on sweet jujube.

Do not rely on only one method to deal with this matter. You must learn to combine hard and hard.First of all, you have to tell him that you are tolerate this matter and your bottom line.Don’t let him push his feet, otherwise the child will wait for you to deal with it slowly.

Secondly, stand at the perspective you want to see the problem, tell him that you can understand him, now there are women who are pregnant, and it is really troublesome now.In this way, pull him into your camp and solve this thing together to get married ★ Woman is pregnant, and then deal with your emotional problems.

3. Negotiations with women outside.

Women outside the wedding are actually pregnant, and she also actively tells men that she must have this child to get what she wants, so if you discuss with your husband, you will negotiate with an extramarital woman to see how she exactly what she isWhat is it like?

Do you want money or feelings, and then let her accept the fact that it is impossible to marry her.Men are best to say it, which is more directly effective, and can give her some compensation appropriately. After all, this is the wrong husband you do. After doing this, women outside the marriage will generally not be tangled.

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