What to do with nausea and vomiting in pregnant women

How to relieve nausea and vomiting for pregnant women is a very common symptom in the early stages of pregnancy. This discomfort usually starts from late menstruation. The 7th or 8th week of pregnancy is the worst.Gradually relieve.The main symptoms will feel nausea, uncomfortable stomach, loss of appetite, increased saliva secretion, hate smell of food, and even have symptoms such as vomiting.Burnout and other phenomena.These symptoms are more serious when they are on an empty stomach or smell the odor. Because they are particularly obvious in the morning or hunger, Westerners are commonly known as "Morning Sickness".

Severe phenomena are not different from those of the person. According to statistics, about 50 % to 85 % of pregnant women will have pregnancy in the first three months of pregnancy.In some cases, it is more prone to pregnancy. Generally speaking, pregnant women with lighter age, production and obese have a higher probability.If you are pregnant with a polygon or hydatidal tires, it is more prone to pregnancy.Psychological and emotional factors can also affect the condition. Pregnant women who reject or are afraid of pregnancy are often particularly obvious.

Pregnancy does not have serious sequelae for most pregnant women and fetuses.Unless the pregnancy vomiting is too serious, you don’t have to worry too much about the problem of malnutrition of the fetus, because the period when the fetus needs the most nutrition is about 28-36 weeks, and the weight growth is the fastest at this time.Specific mothers do not need to increase the intake of extra calories. As long as the weight does not reduce too much, or dehydration and electrolyte imbalances occur, and even the phenomenon of ketic acid poisoning, there is no need to worry about affecting the growth of the fetus.

Eat this during pregnancy and vomit, and vomit, how to eat it, to relieve annoying pregnancy vomiting, but some traditional Chinese medicine and folk prescriptions can be helpful for pregnancy vomiting.How to relieve the nausea of pregnant women is probably the most familiar method, but some pregnant women eat too much plum, but they will have excessive gastric acid.In addition, the sour plum is pickled, and the salt is too high. If pregnant women with edema of the lower limbs, it is not suitable to eat too much, so remember to eat the amount of sour plums.

Ginger ginger has the effects of harmonious stomach and relieving vomiting in Chinese medicine. There are several ways to eat to reduce pregnancy.

Cut the ginger into thin slices, contain it in the mouth or use it to wipe the tongue, the effect is good.Or a teaspoon of ginger juice, add a cup of sugarcane juice and mix well, stew water for about 20 minutes to make sugarcane ginger juice, which can cure nausea and vomiting, which has an excellent effect on preventing pregnancy.How to relieve the nausea of pregnant women

Chenpi Chenpi can strengthen the stomach, qi, and relieve vomiting. It contains aromatic volatile oil, which can promote the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines.

3 dollars with 3 money with ginger, 3 jujube, 500c.c. boiled for 20 minutes.How pregnant women are nauseous to alleviate the sweet and sour apples of apples. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, it has the effect of sour and yin and can nourish the stomach.Make an apple into mud and add a spoonful of ginger juice to reduce the nausea and nausea.

Lotus seeds and lotus seeds have the effects of clearing the heart, removing annoyance, and strengthening the spleen. They can be made into lotus seed yam pork ribs to reduce the symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort such as indigestion, abdominal distension and other gastrointestinal discomfort.How to ease the soda cake is particularly powerful when the soda cake is eased. Therefore, if the two meals are hungry, they can eat alkaline soda cakes, slightly neutralize the stomach acid, and can reduce gastrointestinal discomfort.Small steps to prevent pregnancy

1. Meal a small amount, don’t eat too much at a time.Do not lie flat immediately after eating to avoid stomach acid.

2. Avoid eating liquid foods and easily cause vomiting.Glamor, spicy foods such as irritating foods or difficulty digestion can make the stomach uncomfortable, and it is not appropriate to pregnant women.Sweets can cause gastric acid secretion and do not eat.

3. Don’t get out of bed too irritable. Slowly leave the bed. You can eat a few pieces of biscuits before getting up to reduce the occurrence of morning vomiting.

4. Keep a relaxed mood, avoid staying up late and anxiety.

5. Press the "Neiguan acupoint" at the three fingers under the wrist, and use acupoint stimulation to achieve the effect of preventing pregnancy.How to alleviate the nausea of pregnant women who are nauseous and vomiting, what to do is a expectant mother, and she must be very happy in her heart.However, the first pregnancy does not know the response to pregnancy, and some pregnant women always want to vomit and have a sense of nausea.The pregnant woman and their family must be very anxious. Here I tell new mothers that don’t be key to encounter this situation. This is a normal phenomenon.

Now I will introduce to you several ways to deal with pregnant women who want to vomit.Pregnant women who always want to vomit can eat some sour things, such as oranges and grapes, both have appetizing, quenching the lungs and moisturizing the lungs, and can effectively reduce the phenomenon of vomiting and eating less.

What to do if pregnant women always want to vomit a little sugarcane juice, peel the sugar cane and cut it into small pieces, put them in the juicer to extract the juice, add a little ginger to the sugarcane juice, drink it as a tea, drink a few cups of pregnant women in a dayWhat to do if you want to vomit and eat more ginger. Ginger can relieve the nausea that gets up early. Pregnant women can eat more ginger slices, or drink a little ginger tea.

What a pregnant woman always wants to vomit some yogurt. After meals, when there are some foods in the stomach, pregnant women can drink a little yogurt, but they should be appropriate and do not drink on an empty stomach.Yogurt is similar to fresh milk in terms of nutritional value, and it is easy to digest and absorb. After the lactic acid bacteria in yogurt enters the intestine, it can inhibit the reproduction of corrupt bacteria, reduce corrupt bacteria in the intestineVitamin B family.

Eat a bit of vitamin B6.

Vitamin B6 is the component of certain coenzymes in the human body and participates in a variety of metabolic reactions, especially closely related to the metabolism of amino acids. Vitamin B6 can effectively prevent pregnancy vomiting and radiation vomiting.What to do if pregnant women always want to vomit and eat more light and nutritious vegetables.Such as tomato, cucumber, fresh shiitake mushrooms, flat mushrooms, apples, etc., they are colorful, rich in nutrition, and can easily induce people’s appetite.

Pregnant women always want to vomit and eat more meals, eat more and eat more.There must be food in the stomach at any time. When you get up in the morning to eat some biscuits or eat some snacks at night, it will help people, because the dried foods of biscuits can reduce nausea and vomiting symptoms.

But the interval between the two meals is too long, and it is not good to eat too much per meal.What to do if pregnant women want to vomit and relax, don’t be nervous. You must know that this is just a normal pregnancy reaction.

If the situation is serious, go to the hospital for examination.How to ease the nausea of pregnant women to relieve the nausea in the early stages of pregnancy. I heard that not to eat bananas in the early stages of pregnancy.I didn’t dare to eat more when I was pregnant.Just eat something you want to eat, which tastes more sour.Try to reduce exercise as much as possible after eating, because it will still be disgusting.

Try to eat foods rich in protein and composite carbohydrates as much as possible, they can prevent nausea and reduce morning vomiting.Common nutritional foods are also helpful, so you can eat as much as possible according to your own conditions.Drink enough water, especially if vomiting is lost in large amounts of water.

If you feel that dilute soup foods are easier to swallow than solid food, then use dilute soup foods to supplement nutrition.Try anything you can get below: fruit or vegetable juice, broth, beef soup.

If you feel that thin soup foods make you more disgusting, then eat some solid foods with high water content, such as fresh fruits and vegetables -especially lettuce, watermelon and citrus fruits.

Vitamins that can be eaten during pregnancy to make up for nutrition you can’t get.But choose the time that it is not easy to spit it out of the day.

Avoid those shapes, odors and tastes that make you feel disgusting.

Avoid all foods that can cause disgusting after all smells -because of too sensitive smell, some foods will have this effect on many pregnant women.Don’t sacrifice your husband’s sausages and eggs for yourself, if their smell will let you rush to the bathroom.

If the taste of the apartment next door makes you unbearable, you can put a few towels under the door of the door to cover; if necessary, the exhaust fan on the window will also help.

Don’t force yourself to eat some foods you don’t like, or it’s so bad that you feel disgusting.

On the contrary, you should choose your recipes mainly by relying on the need for nutritional needs.If you can accept the sweets (your vitamin A and protein can be obtained from yellow peaches and soft cheese instead of only from broccoli and chicken), then you can only choose sweets.Or you can only choose delicious small dishes, if they can reduce your abdominal pain (such as grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches as breakfast to replace oats and orange juice).

Eat more for meals and less -start to eat before you feel hungry.If your stomach is empty, the gastric acid it secretes has nothing to digest, and it can only digest the endometrium, which will cause nausea.Similarly, the minority of the stomach between the two meals can also cause hypoglycemia.The three meals are obviously better to be divided into six times.You can also bring a little nutritious snacks (dried fruit, whole wheat biscuits, or salt and peppercakes) on your body so that you can enjoy it at any time.

Generally speaking, the reaction of nausea and vomiting in the early stages of pregnancy is a normal physiological reaction.You don’t have to be too nervous, it usually does not have much impact on health and does not need to be treated.But you can use some foods or mediation methods to alleviate the phenomenon of nausea:

1 Mild to moderate nausea during pregnancy and occasional vomiting generally do not affect the baby’s health.As long as there is no dehydration or too little eating, even if you lose weight in the early days of pregnancy (3 months before pregnancy), there is no problem.In most cases, you should be able to recover your appetite quickly and start to increase weight.

2 Eat cold food: Try to eat foods that you prefer to be nutritious or in room temperature, because the smell of these foods is not as strong as food with hot food.You can suppress the nausea.

3 Eat some snacks at any time, don’t let your stomach be empty for a moment (the empty stomach is the easiest to cause nausea).

In addition, eating more light foods rich in protein can help suppress nausea.However, in all, you still have to eat something that can be able to mention your appetite.

4 Do not take vitamins during pregnancy after getting up in the morning. You can try to take vitamins while eating, or you can take it before going to bed at night.You can also ask your doctor if you can temporarily change a supplement to pregnancy with less iron, because at present your fragile digestive system is difficult to withstand iron.You must take vitamins during pregnancy to ensure the nutrition that the body needs.If the iron element makes you feel more disgusting, you can choose vitamin supplements with lower iron content or non -iron.

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