What to eat and vomit, can I only spend my stomach hungry in the early pregnancy?Send you 15 suggestions to relieve pregnancy vomiting

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As soon as the mothers counted their pain when they were pregnant, the first thing that Baoma wanted to say was pregnancy, because it was an early pregnancy response during pregnancy, and the first and most tortured people appeared.

During this period, expectant mothers will feel helpless, often hungry and want to eat, but the food will vomit as soon as the food smells.After vomiting, you have to explain: "It’s not that you are not delicious for cooking, but I can’t smell this taste now …"

There is a total of 40 weeks of pregnancy, and pregnancy is one -third, and some pregnant mothers will last longer.

Therefore, you need some ways to relieve pregnancy.I have 15 suggestions here, hoping to be useful to pregnant mothers.

① "The plan for a day lies in the morning", it is comfortable for a day in the morning

I do n’t know if the expectant mother feels like this. If I get up in the morning, I will spit it up and my stomach is uncomfortable. This day is not good, but if I do n’t spit someday, it will be relatively good at noon and night.

So ah, expectant mothers should make her stomach feel good before eating breakfast.

Then, expectant mothers need to eat something before going to bed at night, so as not to wake up in the morning, the stomach is empty and cause acid. If there is nothing in the belly before going to bed at night, I do n’t want to eat acid in the morning, and it is uncomfortable for a day.

If you want to vomit before going to bed, you can use soda biscuits instead. Soda biscuits contain sodium bicarbonate, which is an alkaline food. It can neutralize too much gastric acid in the stomach.

However, there is one point. When buying, pay attention to the choice of taste. The sense of smell is sensitive during pregnancy.

② Record the food that makes you disgusting and inform the whole family

When you smell it once or you want to vomit, you must record it. The purpose of the record is not to let yourself remember, because you are the most clear about yourself, this is to remind your family.

Early pregnancy really requires the cooperation of family members, because this is not ingenious, but it is really unbearable. The nausea that turns up from the stomach cannot control it.

Therefore, you need to write down this disgusting food list together. Some foods that you want to vomit when you smell the taste is best to buy it at home, because sometimes when the food is disgusting, you haven’t smelled it.The throat is tight.

It is usually easy to make pregnant women disgusting: greasy foods, foods with high fat content, and high -flavored foods.

There are also individual differences, some are sensitive to apples, some are sensitive to cucumber, but some like these two, so they still have to record their own disgusting food list.

③ Reduce gastrointestinal burden, eat foods with high nutritional density but make the stomach comfortable

Foods with high nutritional density, even if they eat much, are at least enough nutrition, such as brown rice, fish, grain noodles, etc.

④ Eat less meals and not wrong

Three meals a day are for those who are full for each meal. For expectant mothers in the early pregnancy, three meals a day are not enough, because it is difficult to guarantee a stable meal.In the second time, it is easy to cause hypoglycemia, but I want to vomit more.

For mothers, eating less meals is correct.

One meal is divided into two meals. For ordinary people 3 meals a day, expectant mothers can 6 meals a day, eat less per meal, easy to digest, it is not easy to spit out.Make the stomach too long and maintain blood sugar stability.

⑤ Try to make a paste as much as possible

Nutrition and digestible foods are the best. Compared to foods that will be used directly into the stomach, it is easy to digest and absorb in the stomach.These large water content can dilute stomach acid, and more importantly, it can prevent dehydration. After all, it is easy to dehydrate if it is always vomited, and it will also be constipated. Foods with large water content can alleviate this problem.

⑥ It’s okay to swallow

It sounds disgusting, but in fact, you have been secreting saliva when you don’t pay attention, and flow to your throat unconsciously and enter the stomach through the esophagus.Salon is the healthiest juice for gastrointestinal mucosa.It can dilute stomach acid, relieve acid reflux, and protect the intestine.

If you feel that there is not enough saliva, if you are not nauseous, you smell the lemon and cut a piece of lemon.(His, I wrote here, I have flowed out of water.) Of course, you can also eat a hard sugar, which can also speed up the secretion of saliva.However, it is not recommended to eat more to prevent blood sugar from rising.

⑦Inuting outdoors

Dining outdoors is not easy to be smoked by the smell of food, and the outdoor scene and sound can attract the attention of expectant mothers. This will also make the expectant mothers not focus on the stomach and intestines.

避 Smell it first, avoid disgusting food in advance

When cooking, the taste will float out. First, if you smell it, it is a wise choice if the rice is strong.Usually prepare more convenient foods that you can eat. When you are hungry, you can use it to fill your stomach, otherwise you will be hungry and not eaten.

健康 Impress yourself: Baby needs a healthy and happy mother

In pregnancy, anxiety and restlessness, especially in the early pregnancy, when this feeling comes, the stomach and intestines will be extremely sensitive, just like reminding you to pay attention to eating, you can’t eat it randomly. As soon as you feelTowards the top and spit it out in the next second.

Therefore, don’t always think about "Yeah, always vomit, uncomfortable to die."Sometimes you don’t think about it.

适 Wear loose and comfortable clothes

Any clothes that make you feel tightly give up, compressing the clothes of the stomach, waist, and neck will make the expectant mother’s stomach uncomfortable.So it is important to wear loose and comfort.

⑪ can sleep more

When you do n’t vomit, you may be the most stable time when you sleep. During pregnancy, pregnant women do have some drowsiness, sleep more, and give you a chance to breathe.

⑫ Press acupoint

This method of pressing the acupoint was told me at the time of my pregnancy. Although she was a western medicine, she felt that this method was used to tell me.

Press the inner side of the wrist to move about 5 cm (about 3 fingers). This becomes a Neiguan acupoint, which can alleviate the symptoms of vomiting during motion sickness. You can also try it.

和 Encourage and support from family members

This also requires the cooperation of family members. Some expectant mothers vomit hardships during pregnancy, but the elderly at home always hang a phrase "you have to eat for your children" or "You have to eat it if you don’t eat children".This will not have any soothing effect on the mother, but it will bother the maternal psychology.I think the old man "knows to think about children, and don’t think about me at all."

In fact, when pregnancy is severe during pregnancy, what you need is not such words, but encouragement and support.

The expectant mother does not want to eat, then do n’t eat, eat what you can eat, want to eat cans, a little cold, sour, yes!You can eat canned canned food when you buy a pregnant woman.

Do not consider the nutritional problems of the fetus in the early pregnancy, because the nutritional needs of the fetus in the early pregnancy are not particularly high, and there is no saying that "one person eats two people to make up".

⑭ Adjust your place

Some disgusting heart burning is not the problem of food itself. It may be that your posture is incorrect. When the expectant mother feels heartburn, standing is the best posture, which makes the mouth connected to the stomach higher than the stomach., Momsmate will be more comfortable.

甜 Try to eat some sweets, but pay attention to the amount of control

Long -term vomiting will become worse, and sweets can promote the secretion of dopamine in the human body. This hormone is a hormone that can make the brain happy, make the mood better, and also provide energy for the body.

Therefore, occasionally you can try to ignore the "nutrition label" and eat some sweets that make you happy, but don’t be greedy.

The above 15 suggestions are summarized based on the Encyclopedia of Syls, which also combines his previous experience in pregnancy. Therefore, he hopes to help expectant mothers who are torture torture.

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