What to eat during pregnancy will cause abortion

Crab that causes aborted food

Crab is a kind of food that many people like to eat very much, especially in autumn and winter, and many delicious crabs are on the market, and expectant mothers have begun to talk, and they want to eat crabs.But in fact, delicious crabs are fetal killers.Do expectant mothers know that the effectiveness of crabs and blood circulation and stasis is very significant. For pregnant women, eating crabs not only hurts the pregnant woman itself, but also cannot be ignored by the baby’s damage.Especially the claws of crabs have obvious abortion, so expectant mothers must not lose money for food!

Demon turtle that causes aborted food

Turtle turtles have the effect of nourishing yin and kidney, so many expectant mothers have such a misunderstanding, thinking that pregnant women can eat turtles for nutritional supplements.This is really wrong.Although turtles have this effect, the turtle is salty and cold, and the role of blood connection and scattered stasis is not small. Therefore, the expectant mothers eat too much turtle, not only can not get the nutrients they want, but they will instead they will be, but they will instead they will.The risk of miscarriage is greatly increased, so expectant mothers should never eat turtles casually.Moreover, the power of turtle abortion is even better than the crabs mentioned above!

Leading the purslane of abortion food

Purslane is a kind of herbal medicine, but purslane is also a very common dish on the table.Purslane’s medicine is relatively cold and has a smooth effect. The sauce of purslane will make the uterus obviously excited. Once the expectant mothers eat purslane, it will easily cause the number of thes of the uterus to increase significantly.The intensity of contractions will also increase a lot, and this symptom is the culprit that causes the abortion of expectant mothers.Therefore, expectant mothers must remember, don’t eat purslane!

Symphrisy of abortion food

Barley is not only a common Chinese medicinal material, but also a food that many people like to use for porridge.However, barley is not suitable for expectant mothers to eat during pregnancy, because barley can easily cause intensive mother’s contractions. Frequent contractions during pregnancy will increase the risk of abortion. It is a very unfavorable thing for babies.Essence

Therefore, in addition to paying attention to their bodies during pregnancy, expectant mothers also have to control more in their diet. Not every food is suitable for pregnant women, expectant mothers must remember.No matter how delicious the food is, the expectant mothers will control their mouths during pregnancy, otherwise they will lose money.Do you remember the expectant mothers?Come on!(99 Health Network (www.99.com.cn) special manuscript, if you need to reprint, please indicate the source.)

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