What to say when pregnant English

1. Pregnant adj. Pregnancy; pregnancy; full; full

Be/Become/get pregnant with a baby/child with children

My wife is pregnant.

My wife was pregnant.

I discovered I was pregnant

I found that I was pregnant.

Lucy Discovered to Her Dismay that she was pregnant

Lucy found that he was pregnant in horror.

I was pregnant with our third child at the time.

I was with our third child at the time.

That’s what my mummy/ mommy said when she find out she was pregnant with me.

That was what my mother said when she was pregnant.

He get his girlfribred pregnant and they’re getting Married.

He made his girlfriend pregnant, so they were about to get married.

She’s Six Months Pregnant.

She has been pregnant for six months.

Lena Got Pregnant and Married.

Lina was pregnant and married.

Janet lookd very pregnant.

Jennite is obviously pregnant.

Despite her wish to defy convention, she had become pregnant and Married at 21.

Although she did not want to follow the traditional customs, she was pregnant and married when she was 21.

We did’T to take any precautions and I got pregnant.

We did not take any contraceptive measures, so I was pregnant.

The number of wo meen who become pregnant after adoping children is legg.

Women who have adopted children abound after adopting children.

Your Baby Depends on You to look after your yoully about you are pregnant

When you are pregnant, your child expects you to take good care of yourself.

He Game up his seat to a pregnant poman.

He gave his seat to a pregnant woman.

Ideally, She Would Love to Become Pregnant Again

Ideally, she hopes to conceive her child again.

Tina was pregnant with their first daughter.

Tina was pregnant with their first daughter.

He has get a girl pregnant and felt obligated to her and the child.

He had a big girl’s belly and felt that he had the responsibility to take care of his mother and son.

"Collins High -level English -Chinese Double Solution Dictionary"

Pregnant WOMEN Who Are Heavy Drinkers Risk Damaging The Unborn Foetus.

Alcoholism in pregnant women may endanger the fetus in the abdomen.

My daughter information me that she was pregnant.

My daughter told me that she was pregnant.

I Became Pregnant But this man,

I was pregnant, but this man was very rude to me, causing me to have a miscarriage.

NEVER DOUCHE If You Are Pregnant.

Do not rinse the vagina during pregnancy."Collins High -level English -Chinese Double Solution Dictionary"

TODAY, We no Longer Gasp when we hear a teenage girl is pregnant or whisper about unmarryd countless.

Today, we will not be surprised when I hear that a minor girl is pregnant, and we will not talk about who has unmarried cohabitation in private.

2.be excecting a child/baby, pregnant, give birth to children

She was explecting another baby.

She was pregnant again.

Ann’s excectting a baby in june.

Ann in June to have children.

We have all child and are explecting our second in july.

We have a child who is born in July.

I hear dawn’s excection agin.

I heard that Tang was pregnant again."Collins High -level English -Chinese Double Solution Dictionary"

My Sister’s Expecting a baby. My sister is pregnant.

We’re excecting a new Arrival in the Family Soon.

Our family will soon add a new baby.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Expecting their Second Baby.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were giving birth to their second child.

3. have a burn in the oven

A very interesting slang, "BUN" is "small round bread", "Oven" is "oven", which is used to refer to women’s uterus.The literal means "bread in the oven", which actually means "fetus, pregnancy".

JOHNNY, I’m, I have a bun in the oven.

Jonny, I have something to tell you, I am happy.

Kelly has a bun in the oven. She’s hoping for a girl.

Kelly was pregnant, and she hoped to have a girl.

CHANDLEER EUN BOUGHT MONICA A PRESENT, Thinking She Was Pregnant. But of Course, The Bun Was Actually in Rachel’s Oven.

Qian De thought that Monica was pregnant, so she brought her a gift.Of course, it was not her, but Rachel.

4. Be having/carrying a baby/child

I want to say How Really Delighted I am that you’re having a baby

I want to say how happy you are pregnant."Collins High -level English -Chinese Double Solution Dictionary"

I have the good news for you that I am having/carrying a baby/child.

I have good news to tell you that I am pregnant.

In 2018 The Queen’s GranddaoGhter Zara Tindall Spoke About Suffering Two Miscarriages Before Her Second Child.

In 2018, the queen’s granddaughter Zara Tindall talked about her two miscarriage before she gave birth to a second child.

The poor woman had a Third baby.

The poor woman gave birth to a third child.

5.Be Late pregnancy

Dear, I Want to have a talk with you, I’m Late.

My dear, I have something to tell you, I am pregnant.

I can’t believe I’m Late.

I can’t believe that I am pregnant.

6. Conceive v. Think of (idea, plan, etc.); imagine; imagine; conceive; imagine; conceive; pregnant (fetal) [kənˈsiːv]

Their First Child was Concept on their Wedding Night.

Their first child was pregnant with a wedding night.

She is unable to contentive.

She can’t get pregnant.

SIX Weeks after Concept Your Baby is the size of your little fingernail.

After 6 weeks of pregnancy, the size of the fetus is equivalent to the nails of the little thumb."Collins High -level English -Chinese Double Solution Dictionary"

She concept the child last year.

The child she was pregnant last year.

WOMEN, He Says, Should Give Up Alcohol Before they Plan to Concept.

"Collins High -level English -Chinese Double Solution Dictionary"

He said that women should quit alcohol before planning to be pregnant.

7. BE/GET KNOCKED UP pregnancy

If a woman is knocked up by a man, she is made pregnant by him.

When I Got Knocked Up, The WHOLE TOWN KNEW it.

When I was pregnant, the whole town knew."Collins High -level English -Chinese Double Solution Dictionary"

8. Bear a baby/child

She was able to bear a baby/child.

She has the ability to have children.

She was not able to bear children.

She cannot have children.

She had borne him six sons.

She gave him six sons.

Emma Bore a Son Called Karl.

Emma gave birth to a son called Carl.

9.SB Be Deliveled of a Baby/Child to have children

She was deliversted of a healthy boy.

She gave birth to a healthy boy."Oxford High -level English -Chinese Double Dictionary"

The young woman has just ben delivers of a baby.

The young woman had just gave birth to her baby.

10. In the Family Way and other expressions

"In the Family Way" can also be used to represent "pregnancy", which is mostly used for speaking.It can be understood like this (with children) only a real family.

DID You HEAR the Good News? Emily is in the family way!

Do you know that good news, Emieli is pregnant!

She is heavy [big] with child agian.

She is in the family way again.

She was pregnant again.

She is big with young. She is pregnant.

After threeths of marriage, she found herself in the family way.

After three months of marriage, she found that she was pregnant.

have one on the way

She is Married with Twin Sons and a Third Child on the Way.

She is married, and there is a pair of twin sons, and her third baby is about to be born.

Let’s start with good news. I have one on the way!

Let’s talk about good news first, I’m pregnant!

She is having a baby.

She is pregnant.

She is explecting (a baby).

She is waiting for delivery.

She is in a delibeity condition.

She is pregnant.

She is ear eating for two.

She is pregnant.

She is about to have a blessed event.

She will soon have a happy event (referring to pregnancy).

She is in Trouble.

She is pregnant.(Used for unmarried women’s pregnancy)

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