What vegetables can sheep eat?What vegetables do sheep are good for their health?You know after reading it

There are many foods that sheep can eat. Many rural farmers will feed sheep vegetables, and feeding vegetables can not only supplement more nutrients to sheep, but also feed sheep some common vegetables. The following will be simple to everyone.introduce.

1. Carrot

We all know that carrots are rich in carotene. Carrots will release a lot of vitamin A. After sheep eat carrots, they can supplement vitamin A, and they eat carrots for a long time, as well as intestinal laxative effects.

The stomach of the sheep is easy to get sick, so when raising sheep, you must nourish the stomach. You must not only give the sheep to eat the food that is beneficial to the stomach, but also add it to the mixing material: the stomach is too guaranteed to give the sheep healthy stomach anti -roll, enhance the sheep’s sheep’sStomach function.

2. White radish

Sheep eating white radish can promote digestion, help to defecate, and also prevent sheep poisoning.However, many people say that white radish is cold food, so that eating white radish to eat white radish is easy to cause abortion. Of course, many people say it is okay. This depends on personal choice.

However, we are still cautiously treated with the pregnancy ewe. When raising the pregnancy ewe, add it to the mixture: Mother An Tai Bao can regulate the eweGood tires and long -term use can also increase the use of ebb use.

3. Cabbage

Cabbage contains a variety of vitamins, with high nutritional value and rich water, so it tastes good, sheep like to eat.However, it should be noted that if the sheep feed the sheep is mainly concentrate and dried grass materials, that is to say, the sheep are always fed to the sheep, so do not feed so much when feeding sheep.It contains a lot of water, you feed too much dry material, and you can feed too much cabbage with water at once, which will make the sheep’s stomach discomfort and easy to pull diarrhea.

Therefore, when feeding cabbage, it should be adjusted according to the staple food. If the main ingredients are the main food, do not feed too much cabbage every day. If the sheep are thin diarrhea, it can be used: Amway is too guaranteed to treat.Regulate the intestinal flora of sheep to promote the digestion and absorption of the intestine.

The above is all the contents of this article. Thank you for watching.Pay attention to me and bring you knowledge and experience about breeding every day.

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