What will happen if you take too much contraceptive pill?

In daily life, contraceptive pills are a very common contraceptive drug. It takes simple, has good contraceptive effects, and is loved by people.What will happen if you take too much contraceptive pills? Will eating too much contraceptive pills affect pregnancy? Generally, it is not good to take too much contraceptive pills.Although contraceptives have good contraceptive effects, they cannot be eaten too much, otherwise it will endanger physical health.Let’s take a look at it!

What will happen if you take too much contraceptive pill?


Contraceptives have components that promote blood coagulation and can cause blood vessels to block. Therefore, Britain, Japan and other places have required to confirm the specific symptoms of women before the contraceptive pills.The degree of physical health is judging whether to use contraceptives.Therefore, long -term use of contraceptives may lead to the emergence of thrombosis.

Impact menstruation

The mechanism of contraceptive pills is to change the level of hormone levels in the body, keep the progesterone content of the body at a higher level, and give the uterus a wrong feedback, so it will no longer secrete eggs, which will play a role in contraception.Regular changes will affect women’s menstrual conditions, leading to a decrease in menstruation, decreased monthly flow, and inaccurate cycles.


Change hormone levels in the body will affect their own heat metabolism, so it is easy to lead to weight gain. The salt in food will increase the osmotic pressure in the body, leading to a large amount of water accumulation and edema.

Increase in leucorrhea

If the contraceptive pill is long for a long time, it will affect the health of the vagina and cause the increase in leucorrhea. In this case, it can generally use some Chinese medicine components, which can help solve the increase in leucorrhea.


Long -term use of contraceptives will affect their skin metabolism. After long -term medication, a few people have pigmentation of the front forehead and facial skin. The result of female and progesterone effects is generally recovered naturally after the drug is discontinued.”P”副”E”

Will eating too much contraceptive pills affect fertility?

Generally does not affect.

As long as the contraceptive pills are not taken in randomly, long -term taking contraceptives generally will not have a great impact on the human body. With the development of medical technology, the toxic and side effects of drugs are constantly decreasing.The role of women is to stop ovulation. When the drug is stopped, the woman can restore ovulation to restore the function of fertility.

Contraceptives may be conducive to fertility experts that reasonable taking contraceptives can be beneficial to fertility.

A survey in the New England Medical Journal, follow -up surveys of 5,000 women around the world takes contraceptives:

1. Women taking contraceptives reduce the risk of ovarian cancer by 40%.

2. The protective effect occurs almost immediately, and it can reduce the risk of onset in one year when taking medicine.

3. The protective effect is very durable. Those who have taken contraceptives have a lot to reduce the incidence of cancer than women who have never taken drugs within 15 years.

The survey description of reasonable taking contraceptives can effectively reduce the chance of cancer.In addition, contraceptives can also reduce the chance of pelvic inflammatory disease. The cleaning and health of the reproductive system is the most favorable condition for fertility.”P”副”E”

Why do contraceptives affect fertility

Generally speaking, the female medicine preparing to be pregnant will stop taking contraceptives 6 months in advance, so that the secretion function of the ovaries can return to normal. If the secretion function is incomplete, the endometrium will be relatively weak and cannot provide a good gestational bed for fertilized eggs.

Is contraceptive harm?

Contraceptives are used for healthy people and have no adverse effects on their bodies and fertility, but if they are used on some patients, such as diabetes, hepatitis, nephritis and other patients, they may induce or aggravate some diseases.Taking contraceptives, estrogen and metabolites in the medicine can affect the normal function of certain systems and increase the burden on the organs.And there may be some side effects of contraceptives, such as early pregnancy reactions, vaginal bleeding, irregular menstruation, and so on.

Tips for contraceptive pills

1. The effectiveness of oral emergency contraceptives is much stronger than ordinary, so it cannot be taken for a long time, which can easily cause endocrine disorders and irregular menstruation.

2. Oral contraceptives should be carried out under the professional guidance of doctors in the hospital.

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