What’s wrong with a lot of hair on the belly after pregnancy?Will it disappear automatically after delivery?

With the increase of the week of pregnancy, many pregnant mothers have found that there are many soft hair around the navel. What is going on?Why do pregnant women grow hair on the belly?Will these hair disappear automatically?Is the long hair on the stomach of a pregnant woman has something to do with boys and women?

Many careful pregnant mothers found that since pregnancy, the belly has gradually grown some thin and soft "hairy".

And many elders are convinced of a saying: If the belly of pregnant women during pregnancy is long, it means that the baby is pregnant in the belly.Pregnant women with long belly = giving birth to a boy? Is this really reasonable?

Why do pregnant women grow hair on the belly?

1. Due to the increase in hormones, it is normal for pregnant women to have long belly.

Studies have shown that when estrogen is low, the soybeans ingested by the human body will increase the level of estrogen in the human body; when the estrogen is high, the intake soybeans will help reduce the level of estrogen.After pregnancy, the level of estrogen hormone in the pregnant mother has changed greatly, which leads to an increase in hair and dense hair in the body.Some pregnant mothers even worry about whether they will save a furry bear child.In fact, this situation is very normal. Specific mothers do not have to worry about it, let alone worry about affecting the development of baby.

2. Not every pregnant woman’s belly has "hairy"

Most pregnant mothers’ hair changes are relatively obvious, usually on the belly, especially the belly button is relatively dense.Some pregnant mothers will have a circle of hair near the nipples, while some pregnant mothers even have chest hair, and some pregnant mothers will have hair on their backs.In short, pregnant moms are worried.

From the perspective of hair growing, there are individual differences in the growth of pregnant mothers. As far as time is concerned, some mothers start to grow hair around 8 weeks of pregnancy, and some need to start in about 20 weeks.Some pregnant mothers do not have belly hair at all.

3. "Mao Mao" will gradually fade after production

Women have some changes in their bodies after pregnancy, and their body hormone secretion will be disrupted. It is easyIt is a common phenomenon. It is not a big problem. Therefore, the long hairs of the belly after pregnancy. Female friends do not have to be afraid, and do not affect their mood because of this situation.

It can be seen that judging the baby’s gender based on whether the belly is growing is a very unreliable behavior.

Will these "Mao Mao" accompany Baoma for a lifetime?

Seeing this, in addition to losing, many pregnant mothers will also feel worried: these hair will never grow, can they never fade back?Then I will become "Mao Mao Mom"?!

In fact, after giving birth to a baby, the hormone level in the mother will slowly return to normal, and the long hair will fade back and gradually return to the appearance before pregnancy.

Through the understanding of the above, I believe that expectant mothers have already understood that the pregnant woman’s belly or other parts of the body has long hairs, but the normal reaction of estrogen hormone drama has nothing to do with the boy who is born with a boy and a woman!The moment the egg is combined, it has been decided. Boys and girls are as cute and intimate. Specific mothers should not guess the gender of the fetus during pregnancy. From the moment the pregnant mother "win", the baby’s gender has decided to decideIt’s right.Care for your baby and your own health, and spend your pregnancy and childbirth at the most critical.

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