When 5 signals appear in the third trimester, the implies will be unloaded within a week, and the pregnant mother must always be ready

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Many mothers are in the third trimester, and they are praying to unload the goods every day!

In the late pregnancy, the feeling of mothers is really not wonderful: various back pain, whether they are standing or sitting, or even lying, they feel uncomfortable.

If you eat, you will be full, and you will be hungry soon after eating.That’s because the uterus was holding the mother’s stomach, which caused the stomach to become smaller, and the mother felt full after eating.However, because of the more nutrition in the third trimester, she will soon feel hungry, so her mother will frequently find things to eat.

I ca n’t sleep well: I may be awakened by the fetal movement asleep at night, or I feel that I am irritable and anxious, and I ca n’t sleep.

It is like the last step of the Long March in the third trimester. I hope to end soon and unload the goods quickly.Especially after 37 weeks of pregnancy, the child is already full, and the mother prays every day and quickly unload.”Zero plan”

And before birth, the fetus will actually give the mother some hints and reminders. After receiving these hints and reminders, the mother must be prepared to prepare for the production package.Take a rest, and don’t go to too far, otherwise you will go to the hospital if you start.

Signal 1: See you red

When the baby is preparing to be born, because the fetal membrane and uterine wall near the cervix mouth are stripped, a small amount of bleeding will occur, and a small amount of mucus embossed in the cervix will occur, and a small amount of red appears.

Mom can find when taking a bath or going to the toilet that there are some red blood wires in the panties, and the amount will not be much, just like the small amount of blood wire on the last day of our menstruation.

Most mothers will be produced within 1 to 2 days when they see the red, and a small number of mothers will be born within a week after seeing the red.

After seeing the redness, don’t panic or go to the hospital in a hurry, waiting for the presence of regular contractions, but don’t run around, don’t go too far.

Signal two: A appetite opens the breath

Most mothers often feel that the stomach is uncomfortable in the third trimester. That is because the fetus holds her mother’s stomach, but one week before giving birth, many mothers will feel that the appetite will be opened, because entering the pelvis after the fetus falls.It is more comfortable, the amount of eating will increase, and breathing will become easier.

In the third trimester, the mother felt that her appetite was good and her breathing was easy. It was most likely that the fetus was in the basin, and the fetus was usually born within a week.

Signal three: frequent urination

Yuan Yuan is my elementary school classmate. She did not go to school when she graduated from junior high school. She married her husband at the age of 20 and became pregnant at the age of 21. When she was pregnant, she was still going to school.

When I went home on holiday, I just met her in the evening of pregnancy. We chatted too late and went to bed together. As a result, I couldn’t sleep at all that night, because Yuan Yuan frequently got up to the toilet.

She gave birth to a child within two days!Later, when I learned the obstetrics and gynecology department, I learned that the decline in the head of the fetal head during giving birth will be more serious about the bladder, resulting in a decline in the ability of the bladder storage urine. Therefore, the mothers will have frequent urination a week before they are preparing to have a baby.

When the mother has a frequent urination, there will be countless hearts, and the child is ready to be born.

Signal 4: Obverse abdomen falling

If the child is born smoothly, it is through the mother’s birth canal, so when the child is preparing to be born, the head is partially into the mother’s pelvis, that is, entering the pelvis. When the fetal head enters the pot, the mother will feel that the lower abdomen is very obvious.

Because the fetal head is the largest part of the entire fetus, the fetal head drops, and the weight of the natural fetus will also move down, which will make the mother feel like falling on the abdomen.

Some mothers also feel that they are pressed at the root of the thighs after the abdomen falls, and the leg nerves will be pressed more painful.

Mom should pay attention when walking at this time, don’t walk too fast, don’t run, don’t jump.

Signal 5: Irregular contractions become more frequent

When the mother opens the palace, it is mainly a regular contraction. It will hurt for more than ten seconds every one or two minutes.I feel that my stomach hurts, but it is okay to get up in the morning. This is actually because the fetus must start practicing when preparing to be born.

When irregular contractions occur, the mother should learn to observe whether the contraction is regular or irregular. If the regular contraction occurs, it means that the palace mouth has slowly opened the entry process, and he should clean up to go to the hospital.

Mom appears 5 signals in the third trimester, which means that the child will be born soon. Be sure to prepare the production package, prepare what you need during production, do not go too far, prevent the child from being born outside.

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