When encountering estrogen during pregnancy, what should "medicine" do?

Author: Wang Zhipeng, First Affiliated to Guangzhou Medical University, Guangzhou Medical University

Today, a special patient has a special patient …

Patient: Hello, pharmacist, I want to consult what is the effect of this pental acid female diol?

Pharmacist: Phantarinomol tablets are estrogen preparations, which have the effect of supplementing the level of estrogen in the body and improving endometrial growth.Essence

Patient: I read the description of the book that is banned by pregnant women. I just got 4 weeks of pregnancy+, and I did n’t have the symptoms you just said. Do I have to take this medicine?

Pharmacist: Don’t you worry first, can you let me see your medical records?

Patient: Pharmacist, this is my medical record, and there are related inspection reports.

Pharmacist: Hello, your report reports suggest that the estradiol and progesterone are low, and the diagnosis of aura abortions. Considering that the body’s estrogen secretion is insufficient, it fails to effectively maintain progesterone, promote the transformation of endometrial secretion, and cause early pregnancy abortion.Proper supplementation of estrogen can effectively increase the thickness of the endometrium, helping fertilized eggs in bed and maintaining early pregnancy.In addition, estrogen has a certain relationship with immune cells, which can reduce the probability of significant abortions that may cause pregnancy failure due to immune factors.

Patient: So, how do I take this medicine, do I need to pay attention to?

Pharmacist: once a day, 1 tablet each time, take a fixed time every day, and may occur after taking gastrointestinal discomfort, nausea and vomiting, and continuously weaken the symptoms., Headache, fever, rash, lower limb edema and other symptoms, please stop the drug immediately and diagnose and treat them in time.

Estrogen is a kind of cymbal hormone secreted by the ovaries and luteal in women, which has the effects of promoting reproductive system development and endometrial thickening.Estrogen is mainly divided into estrogen, estradiol, and estradiol. Among them, estradiol is an outer metabolic product of estradone and estradiol; estradol is the most powerful estrogen in biological activity.The second sexual characteristics are of great significance.

1. The correlation between estrogen and pregnancy

In the early pregnancy (within 12 weeks), the appropriate level of estrogen helps the construction of the mother’s tire cycle, which is of great significance for the formation of blood vessels, endometrial hyperplasia, and placental development.In the early stages of pregnancy, if the level of estrogen is low, it may lead to hindrance to nourishing cells and insufficient vascular production, and it is easy to increase the probability of biochemical pregnancy and ectopic pregnancy.Therefore, the level of estrogen in early pregnancy is very important.

2. The correlation between estrogen and HCG

Early pregnancy embryo development can be reflected by HCG levels. In the early days of normal pregnancy, HCG will have a relatively significant elevation rule, especially the average of double the average of 8-10 weeks of pregnancy every 2 days, which is the so-called "double" law.If the HCG level is poorly increased, it is prompted to nourish the vitality of the cells insufficient and the embryo development is not good. The supplement of estrogen will help improve the vitality of nourishing cells and maintain pregnancy.

3. Is the more estrogen supplement, the better?

In early pregnancy, estrogen and progesterone maintain their pregnancy. However, estrogen and progesterone are antagonistic effects. Excessive exogenous supplementary estrogen will inhibit progesterone levels and easily lead to pregnancy failure.And estrogen is mainly metabolized in the liver, and it contains coagulation factor. If the level of estrogen in the body is too high, it may induce liver function abnormalities, blood viscosity and thrombosis, which affects the healthy development of the mother and fetus.Therefore, the more estrogen is not the better.

The pharmacist reminds:

The drug instructions clearly disable estrogen during pregnancy or suspected pregnancy, so everyone should not abuse estrogen without authorization.Although there is no report on exogenous supplementary estrogen, the adverse reactions of the child are reported, everyone still needs to weigh the advantages and disadvantages after the evaluation of the specialist physician.And consult a physician or pharmacist.

Review expert: Wei Li, First Affiliated Hospital Affiliated to Guangzhou Medical University

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