When I am pregnant, can the cats in the house be raised?

The International Cat Festival just passed (August 8)

It’s the big day of the annual cat

Many shovel officers knock on gongs and drums with several express delivery for their own cats

But there are some special families

Ready to give me a cat

Xiaomei is pregnant

The predicted Lafayette -like life has not come yet

I quarreled with my mother

The controversy about cats and dogs during pregnancy has never broken:

On the one hand, "You are all ready to be a mother, why are you so wayward? What should I do if the baby is abnormal?"

On the other hand, "How can I say so seriously! Keeping cats during pregnancy, and there are many healthy babies!" "My cat is very clean, staying in the house every day, there is no bacteria, fleas!"

The cat and her lying on the bed in bed with her in pregnancy during the pregnancy of Papi sauce also triggered a keyboard debate about "whether pregnant women can raise cats":

Indeed, whether pets will affect the health of pregnant mothers and fetuses, and they cannot simply summarize with "yes" or "no".On the one hand, there are indeed cases of being infected with gathers. On the other hand, there are indeed many pets who have pets who have a healthy baby.

Disputes on pets during pregnancy

The focus is on the "bowworm" on pets

Can you raise a cat in pregnancy?

I know professors today and come with you one by one

What is a bow -shaped worm?

The Gendi Gongzhuo is a single -cell parasitic insect that can only be seen in a microscope. Almost all mammals and birds in the world are in the world.There are two hosts in the life cycle. The middle hosts include reptiles, fish, insects, birds, mammals and other animals and people. In the end, the host has cats and cats.

Middle host vs endowner

In the middle host, such as people and dogs ate the pockets (colonials) and fake bag (quick colonials) or cats in cats in animal meat. After the toxoplasma gifted insects enter the intestine, they are constantly developing., Breeding the intestinal mucosa spread to the whole body with the blood or lymph, can also be parasitic in any nuclear cells such as the brain, heart, lung, lymph nodes, etc., and then continue to grow up and breed.

After the host cat eats the mature bow -shaped hormone, wrap or fake bag into the belly, the bowworm will complete the subsequent development and reproduction process in its intestine.The oval sac will be discharged with the cat’s puppet.

The difference between the middle host and the end host is that the bowworm can only be asexual reproduction in the middle host, and cannot spread its offspring to the outside world. For exampleThe cowhoids are infected with the ovaries in the cowhoids infected by dog bowworms.

Who is prone to infection of Toxoplasma?

Gow -shaped worm is not an exclusive "exclusive memory" of pregnant women. Men, women, and children are equal in front of hormone. According to current statistics, the average of about 1/3 of people around the world has infected the Toxoplasma!

For the symptoms after the infection of Toxoplasma, most of the people with normal immune function have no obvious symptoms and will not cause serious consequences.

How many steps do you need to take a hormone from "upper cat body" to "mother body"?

Cat infection is not easy to get a hormone, and it is even more probably infected with pregnant women.

First of all, cats need to eat raw meat with toxoplasma infection. Only in this cat’s feces can contain contagious bags, and the cysts of the bowworm contained in the stool are contagious after 2-5 days.That is, only when I have been exposed to the feces that have eaten cats with bow -shaped worms, and this feces must be entangled in the house for more than two days before they may be infected.

And only after the first infection of Toxoplasma is the meow, can it be discharged from the feces containing eggs, and there may be only once in their lives.

A survey of a foreign country shows that only 1 million babies born each year are infected by the infection of Toxoplasma infection and the probability of infection is:


Compared with cats, foods such as seafood, hot pot, barbecue, steak and other foods infected with cats during pregnancy are much higher.

Speaking of which

Take a look at the professor, take everyone to take a look

In addition to raising cats

What are the pathways of hormone insects?

Other infectious paths of Toxoplasma

The grass in the wild, the half -life of the unhealthy meat, the milk that is disinfected with high temperature, and the fruits and vegetables that are not washed can all be the way to spread the bow, mainly because of the "disease from the mouth", that is, eat!

Therefore, even if you do n’t raise a cat, you do n’t have a good eating habits, and you may infected Toxoplasma.

One survey shows that in some Western countries that often eat raw meat, the proportion of infection of Toxoplasma worms is as high as 90%, and the proportion of infection in China is less than 10%.

How should expectant mothers avoid infection of toxoplasma?


Eggs and meats must be completely cooked after cooking. Do not put raw meat and other cooked foods together to avoid being polluted.

Pre -pregnancy and pregnancy examination

Moms must remember to do a physical examination for bow -shaped worms for both of them and cats.

Cat house internal care

Fay dry or canned cat food for cats, do not feed foods, nor can the cats find foods themselves, and minimize cats to avoid animals such as cats and dogs with unknown quarantine conditions.

The responsibility of the prospective dad

The cats’ eating and drinking Lazar should not let the expectant mothers worry. The prospective dads want to feed the cats, replace the cat litter, and regularly clean the cat’s feces. Do not let the expectant mothers come into contact.

Professor Professor also interviewed Professor Li Shengzhong from the animal and trading of the School of Science and Technology and Trade. He said: "From the perspective of perfect humanitarianism, it should be separated, but from the perspective of respecting life and Taoism, catsIt is no problem to stay at home with pregnant women. There are drugs that are specifically preventing and treating cats infected with bowworms in the market. The relatively perfect solution is to regularly give cat deworming medicines.insect."


When you are pregnant, the cat can continue to raise

But you can’t raise it casually

Finally, I wish all expectant mothers can give birth to a healthy and beautiful baby ~

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