When I am pregnant, I hope to be a son. How many women’s expectations are their own feelings?

Everyone is saying that there are the same boys and women, and there are some who can say that their daughters are good. I still remember the days when they lived in Shanghai. Passerby A, passers -by Yi moved to see others with one or two daughters.Said: "Lennon is really blessed, and I have accumulated great virtues in my last life." "I don’t know how good to have a daughter now!" Although I often hear others say so, but starting from my pregnancy, I want to have a son in dreaming.Her daughter, but did not want her to bear the pain of children.

Throughout the ancient and modern times, the succession of Chuanzong is a process that every woman must go through. Each child born is equivalent to closing a trip to the ghost gate.Although medical medicine is very developed, the risks still exist. There are still some women thinking about having a second child all day, and even forgetting whether their own conditions permit, whether the physical fitness can keep up, and follow the wave of the second child.Many women said, "If men can also have children, they must have chosen to be Dink for a lifetime."

The process of pregnancy is the process of disconnection from the society. I do n’t know if I am pregnant for three years. Nowadays, social survival pressure is very high. Once you do a little improvement, you will have a lot of words.Most people are unwilling to admit that their mediocre is because they do not work hard, and they are more willing to believe that others are through the left side of the door.

As a woman, getting married and having children is the beginning of life. It is a career and a family.Everyone is equal now, and no housewife is willing to go out without two.There are children on their backs, with their parents on their heads, but also to maintain a good figure, to be young and beautiful, and persist in learning progress, so that they can be regarded as a good woman.

Men are longing for women to get in the hall and down the kitchen, but they forget that people’s energy is limited. On the other hand, men can cook a meal when they go home from work.Even if the salary can be given to his wife not to hide the private house on time, even if you are a thousand miles.

In short, it is too difficult to be a woman, and many times I imagine how good it is to be a man. I don’t want my children to experience it again in the future. I think this may be the voice of many mothers. What do you think?Intersection

A netizen shared her experience:

My name is Kim Nana. I am 30 years old. When I was in school, I have experienced regular higher education. For society, I have four or five years of work experience.He thinks he is a person who can feed himself and a small family.

If I have selfishness, then the only selfishness is to hope that my child can suffer less in the future.As a mother, I don’t think there is anything wrong, and it is not a matter of moving will, but just think about it.

I have to mention a 17 -year -old girl I know in high school. I met a younger school outside the school through the Internet.The rescue of severe bleeding is, the cost is the final removal of unilateral fallopian tubes.She is only 17 years old, the flower season girl.As a result of spending a lot of costs, the girl’s boyfriend gradually began to alienate to escape her, and since then the world evaporates.

To tell the truth, love is the best memory of a person, but the boyfriend who evaporates the world and the trauma of the soul after the operation have just finished the surgery.She hasn’t dared to try in love for a few years, so I want to ask, what did the girl do wrong?

The company I operated has closed down. Recently, I have adjusted my mood and began to find a new job. It may be due to age. I will be asked a question at each unit interview. Are there any plans for fertility?I really want to go back to him, and what’s the matter with you, but when I look back, the employer does not want to invest too much in a short -term employee.Although I was thinking about it, it was my own business, and even my parents had no right to interfere, but this question must be answered if I want to return to the workplace.

Later, a friend company just needed a position like me. He found me. The company was considered a dark horse in the industry. The salary was over a few times than me, but I could only miss it.Why?Because I am pregnant.Ha ha ha ha.Really, I may not understand if I have n’t experienced it. I think that the difference between men and women is a topic of affection. Some people say, “Times have given you too many women, why do n’t you satisfy, and men are tired.” Some people want to say “Whoever let your woman choose to have a baby, nothing will be done if you don’t live. "

This is the choice of every woman.

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