When I am pregnant, I often dream of these, maybe it is a girl. Have you dreamed?

Everyone will dream, regardless of the rich and the poor, the poor, the old and the young are disabled, and even say that animals will dream.Many women will have some dreams related to fetus before or after pregnancy. We are called fetal dreams. I heard that the dream of fetal dreams is significant. I often listen to the elderly that these dreams must have a daughter.See if it is accurate.

Dreaming of blooming

Dreaming of others before and after pregnancy or playing with flowers full of flowers, I am in a happy mood, and I will definitely give birth to a healthy and beautiful female treasure.

Dreaming of something is stolen

Dreaming of being stolen by the stolen or my beloved at home, he couldn’t catch up, and was angry.Most of them will have a daughter, symbolizing that her daughter will marry when she grows up, and is taken away by her son -in -law.

Dreaming of hornless ox

Many people will dream of oxen. If the fat and strong ox have a long horn, they will have a boy. If the ox has no long horns, it will be a daughter and a daughter with a good personality.

Dreaming of dragon tail or snake body

If you dream of dragons or snakes, you are mostly sons. If you dream of a dragon body or snake body or holding a dragon or snake, he is mostly a daughter and a very intelligent daughter.

Dreaming of strawberries, peaches, cherries, apples and other fruits

Generally dreaming that strawberries, peaches, cherries, apples, etc. are beautiful and beautiful fruits, which will give birth to daughters with good skin and good looks.

Dreaming of picking eggs

Dreaming of picking eggs or stealing eggs will have a daughter.

Dreaming of butterflies or butterflies are dancing in the flowers

Dreaming of butterflies or dancing butterflies will have a daughter. The daughter will have a high accomplishment in art, and be a manic for parents.

Dreaming of magpies or swallows enter the house or enter the arms

Most of the pregnant women who dreamed of small birds such as birds will have daughters. Most of her daughters are smart, have great ideals, and will make all kinds of efforts for their ideals.

Dreaming of running white horses

Dreaming of running white horses can give birth to daughter, her daughter is smart and capable, and she can be alone in the business field.

Dreaming of the moon, or dreaming that the sun becomes the moon

Dreaming that the moon will have a daughter mostly, sometimes it is obviously dreaming of the sun. When I look closely, I find that it is the moon. In this case, most of them will give birth to a beautiful daughter.

Dreaming of peaceful rivers and lakes

Dreaming of the river, the big river, or the lake, or the sea are calm, it indicates that the daughter who will have an extraordinary appearance may become a more accomplished scholar in a certain field.

Dreaming of open fields

Some pregnant women will dream that they have never gone to an open plain or field before and after pregnancy. They just indicate that you will have a very visually visible and open -minded daughter. When you grow up, you will marry a well -known husband.

Dreaming of seeing Chaoxia out

If you dreamed of seeing the whole sky before and after pregnancy, the sky is crimson, it indicates that you will have a beautiful daughter in the near future, and the daughter will be extremely filial.

Dreaming of jewelry or jewelry

Dreaming of adding jewelry or presented to jewelry to jewelry by yourself indicates that you will have a daughter with a wealthy daughter.

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