When I was 10 years old, my mother posted a dog leather plaster for me

Don’t laugh, it’s true.

In the summer of 10, I suddenly found a small pimple in my left chest.It is as big as peas. It is a bit painful and a little hard.

I panicked.Kneel on the bed, touched and touched.Did I get a disease, is it going to die, what can I do? I just made an appointment with my neighbor’s second egg in the morning and asked him to take me to his second father’s house to see the pig.I haven’t seen it several times before.

Every time I stimulated the pig, my father blasted me out, told me to go to the room to pick up the firewood, or take this book to the south slope to see, and I want to see when I see.When I came back, the pig was embarrassed to lean on the roots of the wall, the buttocks were dark, and it looked ashamed.Er egg said that it was applied on it, and it could no longer live a pig.I also forgive the ashamed of the pig.

Far away.Let’s say the hard block on my chest.

I touched it repeatedly, pressed repeatedly, I still couldn’t figure out.Just shouting my mother.

My mother stood at my bedside, and looked and looked at it. She also said that this is something to do. This is something.

When I saw it, my mother didn’t know what was going on, so she was even more panicked and wanted to cry.My mother hurriedly called my father again, and they stood together on my bedside, carefully studied carefully and carefully, and finally confirmed that it must be a poisonous sister -in -law.

I said, there should be a red dot outside the poisonous sister -in -law, I don’t have it.

The two of them said, or it was not yet.

I said, it has been long for several days.

The two of them discussed with their eyes and said that you go to Yangjiaying to find Kuizi to post you.

Kaizi is now an old man named Yang Junxian, referred to as "Kaizi". He does not know where he learned a craft and he would make a plaster.Find him to post one.

I took the five cents given by my mother and went to Kaizi.

The house where Kuizi lived was broken and dark, and when he entered the house, he smelled a lot of urine.The right hill wall was holding a very thick stick, and it was shocked to see.

Kaizi is not surprised at all. He slowly asked me where it hurts.I pointed to my left chest and said it hurts here.

He told me to take the clothes, look at it, reached out and pressed again, and took out a plaster from the cabinet, tore off the layer of film outside, stunned it on the fire, and posted it on my chest while it was hot.superior.

I went home.Walking on the road, I tried to press again. It didn’t hurt anymore. I was so happy that I forgot to see the pig.

After a few days, my left chest started to hurt again.And terrible, I found that my right chest started to hurt. I pressed my hand, and my right chest had a pimple.

I hurriedly asked my mother again, this time my mother didn’t say that I asked me to post plasters, but just stared at me a few times and didn’t care about me.I was inexplicable and very wronged, so I had to endure the pain to sleep.

After another time, I found that these two small bumps actually grew longer and bigger. You don’t need to press it. You can see it with the naked eye. Wearing short sleeves can be seen from the outside of the clothes.

I started to feel embarrassed, as if I had done something unsatisfactory.I think of a girl who is five years older than me. Her breasts are full. Every time I go to the toilet, I do n’t work with us. There are several times that we find that there is blood on the hand paper she threw in the toilet.I scolded her back and felt that she must have been shameless.

Unexpectedly, it was my turn soon.Although I have not been like that, the two puppets that have extra outlets out of thin air indicate that I am already different from others.

I was afraid of being seen by others, and I never dared to ride a tree salamander on the hillside with my friends in the village and touch the fish in the river beach.

I feel that I have covered it enough. I did not expect that one day, when I, my sister, my mother, when I came back from the ground.My sister pointed at me at the end, and said to my mother like my mother: Mom, you see my sister!

My mother followed my sister’s fingers, and saw my two little protrusions, and glared at me fiercely.I was so scared that I threw my body quickly, and I felt helpless.

The history of my breast development is simply a naked history of humiliation.

Later, I didn’t know what day it was. I suddenly realized that it was normal and I didn’t feel shame again.

I just didn’t understand, why did my mother lie to me at that time?What kind of dog skin plaster is required for me, who is responsible once it is broken?Hum.

But I don’t blame her. A rural woman must not know how to do physiological and health education for children.But now there are still many mothers who don’t know to do adolescent education for their children, it is a bit strange.

I have a neighbor. Her daughter came back and asked her after listening to her classmates about some human development knowledge outside. She actually beat her daughter and scolded her daughter to be ashamed.

God, I’m speechless.

Another grandma saw the eight -year -old granddaughter claming unconsciously and scolded her granddaughter shame.


Do you think the only Chinese are like this?Nothing.

I saw a story on Zhihu, and it was even more funny.A black brother in the United States recalls everyone who was 12 years old.

At that time, I was in the seventh grade and came to the United States for two years.12 years old, don’t understand anything.Dad is a priest, he is from the Western Islands.Therefore, in our house, it is not mentioned in our house.Until I grew up, I knew nothing about sex.

Although I was ugly at that time, I was very popular because I spoke a British accent.

The girls love this accent, and I am in the team.

So I fell in love with a girl.We started dating. We held hands in the school corridor and were officially together.

One day, I went to math class, she cried there, as a boyfriend, I stepped forward and asked:

"Who makes you sad, baby?"

She said, "I’ll tell you a while."

After the class, I found her and asked her what happened.She was still crying.

I really started to worry, I was afraid she felt that I was too ugly to match her.

She was finally ready to say, and I was listening too.

"Baby, I’m pregnant, but I don’t know what to do."

I was scared, what kind of ghost?I started to tremble crazy.

You know, I was a person who was afraid of death at that time, so I never kissed her.We hold hands, but that is enough.

But I still know that I am her boyfriend.

"Baby, don’t worry, I’m going to catch the car, but I will accompany you, we will spend this matter together."

Then I ran to the car and thought about how I told my mother!

After arriving home, I decided to solve this like an adult, so we had such a conversation:

Mom: How about school today?

Me: My girlfriend is pregnant.

Mom: What?

Me: We decided to give birth.

Mom: When did you go to bed?

Me: What are you talking about?

Mom: When did you have sex?

me?I do not know?Intersectionthere has never been?IntersectionWhat do you mean?

Then my mother was aggressive, and I was aggressive …

Why did she ask me what sex was when I told her that my girlfriend was pregnant?

I don’t know why she has been saying.

I didn’t have a mobile phone at that time, and then my mother called the principal and arranged for the next morning.

I am still very stunned and angry …

I went back to the room and paced around, thinking about where I can work, so that I can fulfill the responsibility of being a father.I don’t think this is a frustrating thing.

Because in my thinking: if it is my girlfriend and she is pregnant, it is my child!

I just thought so, I was 12 years old.Regardless of me …

I woke up the next morning, and I had a plan: when I met, I had to stand up and deal with it.

When we come to school, there are: me, my mother, my girlfriend, her mother, principal.

I’m ready, come on!

Everyone looks nervous, so I spoke.My Blabla started a bunch, and the last sentence was: "This is the current situation."

My girlfriend was stunned.She didn’t tell her mother yet.

But I still said, "We decided to leave the child." The atmosphere in the room was very nervous … everyone looked at me.

Her mother finally couldn’t help it: "Are you pregnant? And him? He is not your boyfriend!"

I asked, "What? Wait, what are you talking about?"

My mother: "When did you have sex?"

I stare at my mother, why do you always ask this question!

The room was silent again, and everyone stared at me.I was angry because the plan failed.

The principal did not participate in the morning, and she always looked at me with a look of aggressive.

Then, my mother finally realized that I should not know what happened to sex and pregnancy.She began to explain to me how to get pregnant and how did sexual intercourse happen …

I received sex education in front of my girlfriend, her mother, and the principal … Let me die.

Girlfriend and mother experienced doubt, anger, and angry.

I was still thinking about why my mother told me this.I finally opened up: I didn’t let her get pregnant!

And she is actually … betrayed me!And I am still pregnant!I collapsed, really.Tears scratched my cheeks.I shouldn’t bear this at the age of 12, and I really collapsed.

The girl is very beautiful, but I have never talked to her again.I didn’t expect that I would receive sex education in this way.

The story is over.

Remember: Your girlfriend will not get pregnant because of your girlfriend.


I told you two stories, I want to tell you:

Sexual education is really an important thing, um, that’s it.

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