When I was in sex, I was hit by my child and asked, "What are you doing?" Gao Ming’s parents answered like this

Sexual education has always been a hot spot for everyone.

But no matter how hot,

Some difficulties are still numb.

For example, if parents are hit by their children when they are popping,

He feels weird,

Ask you: "What are you doing?"

What will you respond?

The content you respond

Directly related to children’s perception of sex.

What do you really say and do it?

The answer is in today’s article ~

Let’s talk about a real thing first.

After graduating from a university classmate, he entered a law firm for internship and saw betrayal, fighting, fighting, and various criminal criminal crimes.But sometimes, some people and some things are gambling.

One day, a pair of mother and daughter came from the law firm.

Girls are a college student.Being in love.

Mother is a very conservative woman.

When walking in, the mother was frustrated with a hurry, and the girl’s face was half -indifferent and half irritable.

What they want to consult is criminal cases: rape cases.

Is the girl raped?


It was just that she was in love in college and went out to open a room with her boyfriend.

However, when the mother learned, she was shocked to bomb her internal organs. She was so angry that she didn’t sleep well for a few days. She bought a train ticket and came to her daughter’s city.Call the police, let him go to jail! "

The girl said, "This is my boyfriend, I voluntarily."

"Why are you so shameless?! You haven’t grown up yet, what wishful! This is the rape, you must give the price of this killing millions!"

In this way, the two scolded all the way and went to the police station.

Of course, the police station did not file a case.

The two came all the way to the law firm.

When the lawyer heard it, he was embarrassed, and only good words to persuade your mother.But the mother was even more angry and thought that the lawyer did not check.

There was no way to consult. Several lawyers came together and asked the mother and daughter out.

When she walked out, her mother still scolded all the way, like a gunpowder bumper that blew all the way.

and after?

Later, the girl was set up by her mother, took off her clothes, opened her legs, and carefully checked the private part.

My mother said, "I see what you have made you cheap, what is it so shameless if you are so young."

Girls are struggling and explained.

But any persuasion can not reach the prejudice and control of a mother.

Girls finally obeyed.

When she lay down, she felt wet on her face.

But things are not over yet.

The girl’s mother was afraid that her daughter to "wave" continued to "waves", forcing the boys to call their parents too, sitting together, and after humiliation, they forced them to vowed to die, otherwise the boy would "rape".

After this battle, the boys were discouraged.

And boys’ parents are also surprised -they did not expect that in the 21st century, there are still parents who are stupid to this extent.

Any ignorant person will feel ignorant.

On the contrary, she will be more stubborn.

None of the girl’s mother said.

She stopped in her logic, couldn’t go out, and others couldn’t get in.

"What, do you want to continue rape my daughter? You are shameless, have no tutoring, have no mother -in -law …"

"A family is perverted, a little bit away from my daughter, otherwise I will let you go to jail!"

The boy was half -died and vowed on the spot, "If you come and go with the girls in the future, the family will die!"

In this way, this cluster of burning feelings was destroyed by alive.

During the whole process, the girl didn’t say a word.

And her words, in the eyes of her mother, are not important at all, because she is still studying, "a child."

If this mother has a little sexual knowledge, she should understand that when girls are 20 years old, their bodies have matured.

If you protect yourself, ensure that the process is safe, wearing, contraception, cleaning, you can enjoy the joy of sex.

But because of the obstruction of the mother’s horizontal obstruction, the girl has the shadow of sex: this is dirty and terrible.

Since then, the girl did not get married and had no partner until she was in her 30s.

There is only one dog, accompanied by the day.

From said: Parents are educating their children and pointed to their children to the road to the world.

If parents know more, they are blessing for their children.

If the parents are stupid, the child is finished.

This tragedy is diverse.

Some are visual like a flood beast, some are distorted with sexual concepts, some are sexual assault without knowing themselves, some are pregnant, some are abortion, some are infected, and some are forbidden to eat fruit …

In 2018, on a popular short video app, many post -00 Baoma suddenly emerged.

Most of them are in their 10s, and some are even 12 years old. They are pregnant with a pregnant belly and proudly shoot in front of the camera.

These children do not know the harm of minor pregnancy.

On the contrary, they think they are the winners of life.

One of them said: "Old women envy? I am a mother at the age of 14."

Behind this concept is hidden in the extreme lack of sex education.

There was a gynecologist who said that she had met a second child in the hospital and asked: "Sister, the doctor said that there is egg on my ovaries? Am I cancer?"

More girls in their 10s do not understand what contraceptives are, saying, "Isn’t it the first time you can’t get pregnant? Don’t you say that you won’t get pregnant if you don’t shoot in?

I have experienced one thing myself.

A 13 -year -old student, who was in the second grade, was pregnant, and did not know for 5 months.

It wasn’t until the teacher found that her belly was getting bigger and bigger, and felt wrong, and asked carefully that she knew that my menstruation had not come for a long time.

Another question, it was sexually assaulted by neighbors.

She felt that it was shame, no alarm, nor did she tell her parents that she silently digested it.

As for not menstruation, she thought it was because she was "dirty", "not clean there", and she couldn’t bleed if she blocked …

Until the teacher discovered, the fetus had been more than 5 months.Only in front of her, only one way out.

How much harm is the induction of labor?She doesn’t know.

She thought that the child was gone.Not painful, it’s okay.

I can’t do it because of this, she is infertility for life.

The "2015 Survey Report of the Chinese Marriage and Love" shows that the first sexual behavior of young people in the post -95s was 17 years old, and the youngest was only 13 years old.

Of these people, only 35%of people take contraceptive measures.

This has led to abortion.

According to statistics from the National Institute of Science and Technology of the National Planning and Family Planning Commission, China’s abortion is as many as 13 million people each year.

According to international reproductive health institutions, from the sales of drug companies to drugs used in Chinese abortion, this number may be as high as 40 million.

Among them, the repeated abortion accounted for about 45%within half a year.

Abortion accounted for about 55.9%of multiple abortion.

About 50%of the age of 25, the youngest flow is 13 years old.

So of this, we all reflect on us: Where did our sex education go?

There are generally three sources of sex education.A family, the second is the school, and the third is self -study.

The most important one is family education.

Like Wen Chu’s mother, she destroyed the scientific concept of the girl from the family in a incredible way.

But if parents know more, it is the child’s blessing.

Teacher Hu Jiawei, a child sex education expert, once shared a story.

A parent said that one time, she and her husband were taking off their clothes, slamming on the bed, and being hit by a 3 -year -old child.

The child asked: "Mom and Dad, what are you doing?"

If it was you, what would you answer?

Is it concealment, scolding, embarrassment, avoiding, driving, lying, silent?

If you use the above response, you will be a step away from scientific education.

But this parent is very enlightened, and it is not confused in this situation.

She followed the rules below to deal with this matter.

First, try to avoid letting children meet their parents.

Once you meet, ask the child first, what you see.

Tell the child frankly that parents are having sex. This is the way parents express their love. You also come to this world because of this behavior. This is a wonderful thing.

Tell your children that the way of expressing love varies from person to person.

Between mom and dad, express love by hugging, kissing, and having sex;

Between your parents and you, you will express your love by hugging, holding hands, and taking care of you;

Between friends, they will express friendship by holding hands, hugs and games.

Finally, tell the child that this is the privacy of parents, don’t tell others ~

In this way, children will understand that this is the love between adults, privacy, beautiful, not ashamed.

And you are still young, you can use hands and games to express your favorite.

In this way, sex will naturally be deserture.

It will fade away the color in the adult world.As normal as eating, reading, walking, and exercise.

It will have a healthy understanding and clear boundary in the child’s heart.

The child will know what it is, why, what to do.

I know how to protect myself, and I know what is safe after adulthood.

I have many friends who do it very well in this piece.

After observing a circle, most of their family education has the following rules.

In terms of attitude, vision is common.When discussing with children, they are not cramped, embarrassed, ambiguous, blushing, and stable tone, as usual as the weather.

In the words, it extends more and does not avoid lying.When the child asked A, you answered A.When the child asked B, you explain B.

In action, let sex education integrate into the details of life.Once you meet things about sex, tell your child what it is and what should be done.

Guide to buy sex education picture books and read with your children.Learn to read, children will find their own answers to enrich their cognition.

In terms of watch, love with your partner, hug, kiss, and express love at any time.Good husband and wife relationship, harmonious family atmosphere, will give children a good example of intimate relationships.

Under this guidance, children will grow very healthy.

This is always the case–

What kind of sexual concept system does the child have?

The science of sexual concepts is also related to a person’s intimate relationship and marriage life.

So your teachings are closely related to children’s sexual blessings and happiness.

A personality expert said that 99%of the tragedy stems from ignorance, especially in sexual education.

If our sexual education is more advanced and scientific, at least 60%of minor sex, 70%of sexual assault, 80%abortion, and 90%of sexually transmitted diseases can be exempted.

Lue with all parents.

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