When I was pregnant after the fallopian tube examination, can the child want it?

The fallopian tubes are one of the important organs of women’s bodies. After the eggs are discharged through the fallopian tube, they can successfully conceive with sperm. Once the fallopian tube has problems, women’s fertility is affected, and other organs operation will also occur.Therefore, women need to understand the situation through the fallopian tubal angiography when they are suspected of abnormal fallopian tubes. Many women will specifically instruct the doctor to have contraception one month before the fallopian tubal angiography, and some women will not be pregnant.Pregnancy makes them worry about whether their children are healthy, can they stay?Generally speaking, it is okay.

Since the body needs a certain period of time to discharge the photographic agent after completing the radiography check. During the inspection process, it mainly exposes the situation through X -rays. After the X -ray with radiation testOnly in order to get pregnant normally, to avoid the fetal being affected and deformity.Therefore, the doctor pointed out that after one month of tubal angiography, the pregnancy is prepared for pregnancy, and if the pregnancy fetus and abortion rate of pregnancy will not increase after examination, if you want to leave your child, you need to follow the doctor’s advice and check on time.Donald screening is performed during pregnancy. At 22 weeks, the four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound is performed for deformed. It is clear that the fetal development is clear and the fetal health will not be abnormal.

1. Forbidden sexual life

After the examination, the vagina is bleeding. This is a normal phenomenon. During this period, sexual life is prohibited to avoid stimulation and cause inflammation.

2. Pay attention to diet

After the inspection, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, especially the high vitamin C. Vitamin C can promote radiation metabolism. In addition, it is necessary to reasonably match other nutrients to achieve nutritional balance and improve immunity.

3. Drink plenty of boiled water

Promote urine production, increase the number of urination, and let the casting agent discharge faster.

4. If you have discomfort, seek medical treatment in time

If there is abnormal bleeding, long bleeding time, or pain in the lower abdomen after examination, go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time.

5. Rest more

During the inspection, women will fatigue because they are particularly nervous. They will rest within 24 hours after examination to avoid fatigue and let the body have a transition period and gradually return to normal.

Kind tips

Women can understand the situation through fallopian tubes, especially when they are infertile for a long time, they can judge whether the fallopian tube is not smooth by checking. It is only necessary to know that contraceptive measures should be taken after surgery to avoid accidental pregnancy.During pregnancy, it is necessary to be strictly checked to prevent the fetus from being affected by radiation, contrast agent, etc., and problems occur.

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