When pregnancy is sick, is it hard or taking medicine?Interpret it for you from 5 aspects (below)

In the previous article, we talked about the differences in use, avoiding, and disabled; the grading of FDA pregnancy drugs; the principle of medication during pregnancy.We have not finished this article.

Fourth, the effect of drugs on the fetus at different stages of pregnancy

Many women do not know when they are pregnant, so they will be sick and take medicine, and they will be worried when they know that they are pregnant.Professor Zhang Lijuan, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Second Hospital of Maternal and Baby Breeding Experts, emphasized that it is important to take medicine during which stage pregnant women take medicine. During different time during pregnancy, the effect of medication on the fetus is different.Fervable.

Before the fertilization to the second week of pregnancy -at this time, the medication is completely or ineffective, either with no impact or impact on the refined cells that can develop into normal embryos, or natural abortion, embryo death.

Above 2 weeks of pregnancy to weekend — the most sensitive, of which 3-5 weeks of pregnancy are the most terators.During this period, the central nervous system, heart, intestine, bones, and muscles of the fetus are in a differentiation period, and teratogenic drugs can affect the above -mentioned organs or systems during this period.For example, Saliamine can cause limbs, ear, internal organs; estrogen, progesterone, androgen can cause fetal sexual development; folic acid antagonists can cause skull facial deformity and cleft palate; alkylated agents such as nitrogen and mustard can cause urinary urologyThe system is abnormal, refers to (toe) deformity.

8 weeks of pregnancy to weekend -11th -not careless.At this time, although the effect of the drug is not large in front, it cannot be ignored. At this time, it is an important period for the formation of small parts such as fetal fingers, toes, and other parts.

12 weeks to weekends from 12 weeks of pregnancy -be careful of hormones.At this time, the possibility of drugs is very small, but still exists.During this period, the fetal genitals have not yet formed, and the use of hormones should be paid special attention.

From 16 weeks of pregnancy to childbirth — affects motivation development. At this time, the possibility of deformity caused by drugs does not exist, but it may still affect the physical development of the fetus.

Fifth, medication misunderstanding during pregnancy

Many prospective mothers have misunderstandings about medication during pregnancy. In fact, not only the prospective parents, but also even if they have given birth or have become grandparents, grandparents and grandpas, they may not know about medication during pregnancy.

Misunderstanding 1. You can’t take medicine when you are pregnant

When some pregnant women have a cold and diarrhea, they refuse to take medicine when they think they cannot take medicine during pregnancy.In fact, not taking medicine after illness may cause minor illnesses to cause major illnesses, but it is not conducive to eugenics.

Reasonable medication after pregnant women will not only be harmless to the fetus, but also make the fetus from affecting the mother’s disease.Due to fear of drugs and the disobedience of the medication, it often causes pregnancy complications and other diseases to be treated in a timely manner, which will affect the health of pregnant women and fetuses.

Misunderstanding 2. Pregnant women cannot take western medicine to take Chinese medicine

Some people think that pregnant women are sick, and even if they are taken, they can only take Chinese medicine to not be taken to western medicine.I always think that Chinese medicine has no side effects and is safe.In fact, the various alkaloids and chemical composition contained in many Chinese medicines are very complicated, and improper use can also adversely affect the fetus.Such as the pills that are prone to diarrhea are yellow and lickle; the medicinal materials that moisturize the intestines and urinate;

Misunderstanding II

Some people think that cold is a minor illness, and taking some anti -cold medicine is irrelevant.In fact, most of the anti -cold drugs are composite preparations, containing a variety of ingredients, and commonly containing fast -acting wound capsules, colds, Kangtaik, Black Black, Kangbi, Kangkang, Kuake, etc. Most of these medicines include groups including groups.For amine, it should not be taken during pregnancy, especially before 4 weeks of pregnancy.

In addition, antiviral drugs have adverse effects on the fetus; anti -inflammatory drugs are anti -fever drugs for pregnant women; aspirin pregnancy is not suitable for 32 weeks; cough medicines containing iodine -containing preparations should not be usedBacterial infection should not be used in antibacterial drugs. Antibacterial drugs can affect the fetus through the placenta barrier.

Misunderstanding 4. Do not use antibacterial drugs

Clinically, some pregnant women have decreased immunity during pregnancy. After infectious diseases, if not treated in time, it is easy to cause fever, and fever has a adverse effect on the development of most fetuses.Therefore, pregnant women should be treated in a timely manner after changing their diseases, and the proper medication will not cause adverse effects on the fetus.

During pregnancy, you will seek medical treatment in a timely manner, follow the doctor’s doctor’s advice, and under the guidance of the pharmacist, reasonable medication is beneficial to harmless.

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