When pregnant women ovulate, there will be these wonderful changes in the body

For most women, it is time to talk about marriage and marriage at the age of suitable for marriage. After marriage, there are still troubles to face the birth of in -laws, so many women will prepare for pregnancy after marriage.Only in the same room during ovulation can increase the chance of pregnancy. However, many women cannot find the ovulation period. In fact, ovulation is felt. If these wonderful changes occur, it means that you have ovulated and hurry up.

1. Basic body temperature difference difference

Female base temperature (body temperature when waking up in the morning) in the menstrual cycle is usually low, usually below 37 ° C, and usually maintains around 36.5 ° C.At the beginning of the ovulation, the body temperature will decrease slightly. After the ovulation is over, the body temperature will rise by about 0.5 ° C, and it will not fall until the menstruation arrives.

2. Breast pain

Breast pain during ovulation is normal, which is the same as menstrual pain.After entering the ovulation period, there will be short -term imbalances in hormone levels in women, and estrogen and lutein stimulate the breast, which is the swelling of female breasts.However, it is also possible that the breast tenderness caused by breast hyperplasia, so women should always pay attention to the changes in breasts and seek medical treatment in time.

3. Uterine bleeding

Don’t be too nervous, uterine bleeding is not sick, because in addition to ovulation, ovarian secretion is also required, but after entering the ovulation period, the secretion of estrogen in the ovary will cause a short -term decline. Women’s uterine endometrium will lose estrogenSupport, the local endometrium will fall off, which will cause regular vaginal bleeding, also known as uterine bleeding.

4, lower abdomen falling pain

The excretion of eggs also requires a fairly complicated process.Egg cells were initially grown in follicles, and the follicles gradually matured, which would be transferred from the intake of the ovary to the surface of the ovary, and then broke through the ovarian wall.When the egg cells are fully developed, under the dual action of hormones and enzymes in the body, the egg cells break through the follicles again, the foam is discharged, and the egg cells are released.During the layer of egg cells, a small amount of liquid will flow into the bottom of the pelvic cavity, accompanied by a small amount of bleeding, so the pregnant mother will feel the pain of the lower abdomen.

5. The secretion becomes transparent

Women’s secretions are also a way to perceive whether ovulation, and the secretions during ovulation are very different than usual.Before the ovulation period, you will find that the color of the secretion is mostly milky, but as the ovulation period approaches, the color of the secretion gradually fades, and it is becoming more and more clear.

1. Calculate the menstrual cycle

Generally, women’s ovulation cycle is about 28 days. If the menstrual rules, the ovulation period will be about 14 days before the next menstrual tide, and the conception rate is relatively high within 2-3 days before the ovulation period.During the time period, the number of times the same room is appropriately increased.And if the menstrual cycle is irregular, this method is not applicable.

2. Observe the leucorrhea status

The leucorrhea is not static. It will change with the change of menstrual cycle. During the ovulation period, due to changes in estrogen levels in the ovulation period, the secretion of cervical mucus will increase.Long, if you dip it with your fingers, you can find a long silk.After the ovulation period, the level of estrogen in the body began to decrease, and the secretion of leucorrhea will slowly decrease.

3. Measure the basal body temperature

Women in childbearing age are stimulated and affected by sex hormones, and the basal body temperature will also change with changes in the ovulation cycle. Generally, the basic body temperature will increase by 0.3 ° C-0.5 ° C after ovulation.The opportunity for conception is here, and the couple can arrange the same room.But remind everyone that using this method should be measured when you just wake up in the early morning and have not done any activities, and recording continuously for a period of time to more accurately speculate your ovulation date.

Reminder: In fact, for women with menstruation, it is not only easy to find out ovulation and ovulation days, but also more easily pregnant. If the menstruation is irregular, the ovulation period is not allowed, and the surrogacy rate will be affected.Therefore, many women will condition menstruation before pregnancy.

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