When the ovulation period is the easiest to conceive?What is the cause of infertility during ovulation?Might as well understand

October conceived, and once gave birth, it sounded less than a year, but the changes brought to women were huge. The figure became bloated, pelvis wider, and the biggest change may not be in the body, but psychologically psychologicallyEssence

I do n’t know my parents. Since then, the little family has a new member, and it has also changed from the bride to a “new mother”. He has a little more tenderness in his heart, but also adds a bit of the strong guardian of the child.

This is a magical process. From the combination of essence eggs, fertilized eggs, and the baby in the belly gradually develops until the fall of the ground, every trace of changes in the pregnant mother may indicate the growth of the baby.It is also full of expectations.

When is the ovulation period the easiest to conceive?

The ovulation period lasted about 2-3 days, and a husband and wife life occurred within 1-2 days after ovulation, and the chance of pregnancy was relatively high.

The ovulation period generally occurs around 14 days before the next menstruation. If the menstrual cycle is usually regular, the ovulation period is relatively regular and easier to master.

Taking the 28-day menstrual cycle as an example, the ovulation period should be in the middle of two menstruation. The ovulation period lasts about 2-3 days. After the ovaries discharge the eggs, the eggs are discharged into the pelvic cavity.Normal, it is likely to conceive. Generally speaking, some monitoring methods can be used to monitor ovulation.

You can use ovulation test strips. When the ovulation test strip appears strong positive, it is prompted that ovulation will occur within 1 day. Within a strong positive 24-48 hours, you can increase the frequency of life. You can also monitor the base temperature, or use a B-ultrasound.Monitor the development of follicles.

What is the cause of infertility during ovulation?Might as well understand

There are many reasons for the infertility period of ovulation. When the husband and wife have a regular life, they are called infertility without conception for a year.

There are many causes of infertility. No ovulation is only one of the causes. Therefore, it is possible to ovulate and infertility. The cause of infertility is as follows:

1. There are ovarian factors, which means that there is no ovulation;

2. The factors of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland;

3. The factor of the fallopian tube, the factor of the fallopian tubes is more common in clinical practice. Due to the chronic pelvic inflammatory disease or the congenital development of the fallopian tube, the adhesive obstruction of the fallopian tube can cause infertilityNormal menstrual cycle and normal ovulation, but still cannot conceive.

4. Infertility caused by immune factors due to immune factors.

5. Infertility caused by men’s factors, such as less J, non -J, and so on.

Analysis should be carried out according to the specific situation.

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