When Wei Wuxian, Xie Lian, and Shen Qingqiu had children, Bingmei cried even worse than a baby

When Wei Wuxian, Xie Lian, and Shen Qingqiu had children, Bingmei cried even worse than a baby!The Mo Family San has its own Qianqiu. What would it react if they had children?When the "Mo Family Three" has a baby, what will happen to "old attack"?Huacheng is super reliable!Let’s take a look together.

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When the Master has a child, it is not Master who is nervous, but Bingmei.Do you think Bingmei is a nervous child?It’s a big mistake, Bingmei is worried about falling out of favor.I often forget that Bingmei likes to be coquettish and always crying.When the Master has a child, he will disperse on the child. Bingmei is worried that Master will watch the child more than herself.

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Master has a baby, which is equivalent to coaxing two dolls a day. Master is too difficult.Preparatory anxiety is generally available to those who have children, but they are completely opposite at Master’s house.As a result, Master’s house looks a bit opposite. This is not just that. As a receiver who wants to support his family to coax his apprentices, Master is used to it.

Artist: May you smile as early

Seeing envy with a child, my first reaction was to worry about the child, and envy is too good. This baby must be real.And envy the baby before, so I can’t rest assured to let him bring children alone.Think about Xiao Ayuan, who was planted in the soil, and took the baby to the fun toys, but did not buy it for the baby.Baby must be self -reliant from elementary school.

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The second brother reacted very cute, and it was very second.Although Han Guangjun looked very mature, it was not the case in the heart. Sometimes he was naive, and it would be revealed after drinking.In fact, I believe that the second brother can be a good father. In addition to throwing the baby’s rabbit pile, the second brother is still very reliable.

Artist: May you smile as early

Huacheng is super reliable, but Xie Lian is very natural.If Xie Lian cooks by himself, it must be a three -meal steamed bun. For Xie Lian, it is a delicious rice, and you will not notice that there is nutritional recipes.But there is Huacheng, which is the caregiver who walks in the left hand, and the right hand soup is not delayed.

Artist: Qiu Shengsheng

Huacheng knew that he knew nothing about matters of pregnancy, so he found a lot of books to learn in private. Seeing that Huahua looked like a bamboo face, he felt reliable.Compared to the above two, Huacheng is really skilled.It’s so happy to see Pian Lian, it’s so happy.

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As the three old -aged children, who do you think is the happiest?I think the baby’s baby is more happy.Bingmei’s baby is busy fighting with him, and she is locked out of the door without paying attention; the baby in Huacheng is too sticky than grateful and pity, and Huacheng will be very dark. The baby is coquettish.It ’s not black or dark, but pity is super good.

And what about the second brother’s baby?Basically, you can follow them. Eating, drinking and playing, you still have a good life. As long as you go to bed early at night, his father loves him very much, and many others spoil him and accompany him to play.

Looking forward to your point of view.

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