When you hear the second child?Is it born?Think about this, never tangled anymore

Hey!Jimei, the sugar mother who loves 唠 is here again ~

Last week to gather with the sisters, three people brought five babies: 3 running grounds, 2 on the ground, my mother!

Feel you want to explode in place in minutes!IntersectionIntersection

These babies have the "permanent motivation" potential of "charging for one minute, standby all day", and the special features of "automatic shielding". "Passing" does not exist in their heads!

Crying, shouting, sounding into the ears, and one after another.

A few of us were a mother, persuaded for a while, and "coaxed" for a while. When we couldn’t help it, we had to shout "Ka" with his throat!

Say good leisure, pleasant, beautiful afternoon tea?

It is estimated that I have been waiting for the baby after 18 years old …

Looking at the girlfriends, holding eight months, chasing and training big, OMG!

If there were not outsiders, it is estimated that the big palm is 0.5cm to fall into the butt pier …….

Think about the days in recent years, it is really more exciting than the roller coaster …

When there is no baby, the world of two people is free and happy like a fairy!

After having a baby, alas, it is difficult to say:

That is really a huge room, no bed, tired father and mother ~

The increasing day is not only the depth of my dark circles, the speed of the crow’s feet, the length of the decree pattern, the width of the waist and the roundness of the belly, and the frequency of my wake -up at night!

Facing the invitation of teammates, haha, silence, silence is Kangqiao tonight …

In order to refuse, I feel that my acting skills can win Oscar, I am full of points for myself!

The girlfriend said that there is a life after the second child, and it seems like a dog dismantle the house every day.

It is often exhausted, so on myocardial infarction …

Three hundred times a day: biological, biological, biological, with me, with me, with me …

Don’t ask me why my eyes are covered with tears, because I am "paying back their love debts" for my last life ……

However, I have to say that the second child has a second child:

When the two people are jealous for their mothers, it feels really good!

The two babies fell in love and killed each other in the first second, and the next second of Qingqing me; hit the chicken and the dog jump at home. Various care of them outside.

Pig teammates are more reliable, and they are working hard to work.

For many years, the second -born mother has made themselves into a Buddha, and has the ability to suppress the "fire three feet" in one second, directly from "bronze" to "king", and double the patience and physical value directly!

The girlfriend said that the reason for having a second child did not think so much, just hoping that the two of them could hold hands, take the farthest way together, and help the most difficult passenger in the past …

Sometimes, when we have a baby, we always have a chicken -flying dog jumping, and I feel that it is difficult to recover in the days of the two people.good……

There is no need to be too tangled without having to have a second child.

If you are ready, you will be born. If you are not ready, wait, but do n’t forget it. Remember to communicate with Dabao.

Children are a very important part of a family.

There is a second child to have a second child, not just a matter of two parents, but a family of three, including Dabao, we need to give Dabao a part of the decision, because any ignoring may cause harm.

(Video comes from: documentary "After Zero")

Are you ready for this?

If you don’t know how to appease Dabao, you might as well try this: "take a prevention needle" to give your child in advance

Don’t hide Dabao from being preparing to want the second child.

The "jealousy" between the second child cannot really ignore, especially the children under the age of 2 or 3 are very strong for their parents. When Dabao’s love is suddenly divided, he is likely to show loveCrying, sticky people, irritability and other issues.

From the idea of having a second child, I have to tell Dabao that there will be a younger brother/sister in the future, telling them what changes may happen after the new baby arrives: you will have a cute little play companion, but parentsThere is no less love for you.

Let Dabao participate in the life of the second child

Let Dabao participate in the second child with his parents, such as taking the baby to do a pregnancy test together; let the baby talk, tell stories, and participate in prenatal education with the second treasure in the belly;The birth of the second child.

In this way, Dabao will not only feel valued, but also slowly like the little friend in the mother’s belly ~ I can’t ignore Dabao emotionally

When my mother takes care of Erbao, other family members should pay more attention to Dabao.

When Dabao appears negative emotions such as sticky people and crying, it is necessary to recognize and accept their emotions, instead of venting the anxiety and hard work of the baby to Dabao; when Dabao wants to touch and hold Erbao, adults should not be adults.Worried that Dabao would hurt Erbao and stop it.

If you have friends and family to visit, tell them that they do not need to bring gifts (if Dabao does not have gifts, it will be lost); if you visit the second child as a friend, either do not bring, or bring two gifts, etc.The details will make Dabao feel love and attention, and it will be easier to accept Erbao.

(Video comes from: "Juvenile said") Don’t compare between two children

British critic David Florus said: "When you have only one child, you are a parent. When you have two children, you are a referee." And it is still a very delicate referee, not too much to protect the second.Bao cannot be too indulgent to take care of Dabao’s feelings.

Like "You see, your sister is going to sleep obediently, why are you so unhappy, and still grind?" These words seemed to want to urge Dabao, but they raised Erbao in virtue and degraded Dabao.

We have to talk about things. When talking to one child, don’t bring another child, don’t compare.

After having a child, there is such a suffering or laughter. Whether there is a child or two.

The last second will be tickled by their naughty and troublesome, unreasonable to hate the teeth; the next second will be smiled sweetly, soft and glutinous hugs, and grandma’s milk "Mom" melts …….

The child’s heart is naturally sensitive and tender. How can there be so much belly to children?

The "ignorance" of Dabao is not to get the preference of parents, but to want the parents’ equal love and see …

Love this kind of thing, if the parents are considering the good land, they will only get more and less, and they will not be less and less.

So, are you ready for a second child?

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