Where is your qi deficiency?Heart qi deficiency, liver qi deficiency, liver deficiency, lung qi deficiency, kidney qi deficiency …

The so -called qi deficiency is the lack of righteousness of the human body. Specifically, it refers to a series of pathological changes and evidence caused by insufficient vitality.Therefore, once qi deficiency, the promotion of qi, warmth, defense, fixation, and gasification function may be reduced, and then it may cause problems such as low or decline in some functional activities of some body, decline in disease resistance.

What are the performances of qi deficiency?

There is such a group of friends around us who can never stand when we can sit. When we can lie down, they will never sit. Chinese medicine defines such people as "qi deficiency".


1. The deficiency of heart qi, heart yang deficiency is the weakness of the ancestors in the chest, the chest tightness is short, and the exhaustion is exhausted.If you get a little longer, you will be short.

2, qi deficiency and health are not solid and self -sweat: It is particularly easy to sweat, and a meal is sweaty.

3. Qi deficiency and blood transportation cannot be pale or white, and the tongue is pale and white.

4. If the condition is further developed, qi deficiency and yang, yang deficiency cannot warm the limbs, so it is also cold.

5. In addition, there are symptoms such as insomnia, dreams.

Liver qi deficiency

Lack of confidence in doing things, hesitation, etc.

2. Liver’s master is rushing, so women with liver qi deficiency may also experience irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea and other evidence.

3. The liver is open to the eyes. In terms of visual organ abnormalities, the main manifestations of the abnormalities of the visual organs are: eye pain, tears, vision loss, sensitivity to light, visual fatigue, and visual fatigue.


One digestive function is reduced; the two qi and blood generation is insufficient; the metabolism of the three water and fluid is the common direct performance is that there are more saliva, and the other is the change of taste. Some people will feel that the mouth is light and there is no taste.A weak manifestation. To be more serious, some people’s lips have changed, or they are white, or they are dark, and their lips are not so full. This is a manifestation of the decline in spleen and stomach.

Qi deficiency

Cough and phlegm are thin, short, and even more moved. It is particularly easy to catch a cold. Cough, runny nose, sneezing.

Kidney qi deficiency

Short qi self -sweat, weaker weakness, white complexion, a lot of urination, premature ejaculation of nocturnal emission, pale tongue coating, and weak pulse.Many people say that backache, back pain, and knee joints have no strength. These may be the manifestation of kidney deficiency. There is also a manifestation of kidney deficiency.Essence

How is qi deficiency and physical fitness formed?

① Insufficient qi, the mother is insufficient during pregnancy, or the parents are qi.

② After a long -term illness, he was injured.

③ For long -term overdoing the brain, worn hardships, thinking about hurting the spleen.

④ Long -term dieting can cause insufficient nutritional intake of the human body and form qi deficiency.

⑤ I like to eat cold and cold, fat and greasy, lack of exercise.

⑥ Seven emotions depressed, unhappy, especially when eating.

Qi refers to the driving force of the internal organs. When the five internal organs are deficient, it has not been pathological. It will come up with various methods to say hello to you and tell you that it is a bit false.It will develop into disease.

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