Whether the first breast swelling and pain will endanger life and health

Swelling and swelling of menstrual menstruation are the general concern of women.This symptom is part of the so -called preliminary syndrome.


1. Causes of pre -breast tenderness

2. Treatment of breast swelling and pain

3. Lifetime measures

Breast swelling and pain before menstruation may also be signs of cystic fibrosis.Fiber cystic breast disease is a breast disease with pain and lumps before menstruation.Women with this disease often notice that there is a large benign (non -cancer) mass in the breast before the monthly period.These masses move when pushed in, and usually shrink after your menstruation is over.

The severity of the previous related breast pain may be different.Symptoms usually appear before menstruation start, and then disappear shortly during menstruation or after menstruation.Most of the time, these symptoms are annoying. If you worry about changes in your breasts, please consult your doctor.Breast pain may be a symptom of menopause and various conditions.

Breast swelling and pain before menstruation may be caused by hormone level fluctuations.

The level of volatile hormone is the cause of swelling and tenderness before menstruation.Hormones rose and declined in normal menstrual cycles.The exact time of hormonal changes varies from women.Estrogen leads to the expansion of the milk duct.The production of progesterone can cause breast swelling.Both situations can cause chest pain.

In the typical 28 -day cycle, 28 days from the 14th day, estrogen and progesterone increased in the second half of the cycle.Estrogen reaches its peak in the middle period, while progesterone levels rose one week before menstruation.

Drugs containing estrogen can also cause breast changes, such as pain and swelling.

Discuss a sudden or worrying breast change with your doctor.Although most of the breast pain and swelling are harmless, these symptoms may be a warning signal for infection or other diseases.If you find new or changeable lumps and nipples with secretions, especially when the secretions are brown or bloody, please go to a doctor.

Your doctor will conduct physical examination, including breast examination, and ask more information about your symptoms.During the examination, your doctor will feel any lump, record the physical properties of the lump, and teach you how to perform the correct breast self -examination.

If your doctor finds any abnormal changes, breast X -ray examination may be performed (if under 35 years old, an ultrasonic examination) may be performed.Breast X -ray photos use X -ray images to view the interior of the breast.During this test, the breast was placed between the X -ray plate and the plastic sheet and compressed or flattened to generate a clear image.This test may lead to temporary discomfort or tingling sensation.In some cases, if the tumor looks malignant (cancer), biopsy (tissue samples from breast tumors) may be performed.

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Non -prescribed non -steroidal anti -inflammatory drugs (NSAID) can effectively treat pre -breast pain, such as acetaminol, ibuprofen, and sodonic sodium.These drugs can also alleviate spasm related to PMS.

Women with moderate to severe breast swelling and discomfort should consult the best treatment plan for doctors.Diuretics can reduce swelling, pain and body fluids.However, diuretics increase urine output and may also increase the risk of dehydration.Use the prescription carefully under the instructions of the doctor.

Hormone contraception, including oral contraceptives, can also alleviate pre -menstrual symptoms.If you have severe breast pain and do not intend to get pregnant in the near future, please ask your doctor these options carefully.

Diet helps control the swelling and tenderness of the breast before menstruation.

Change of lifestyle also helps to control the swelling and pain of the pre -menstruation.When the symptoms are the most serious, wear a supportive movement bra, but you can also choose to wear a bra at night to get additional support.

Diet may work in breast pain.Caffeine, alcohol and high -fat and high -salt foods increase discomfort.Decreasing or eliminating these symptoms from one or two weeks before menstruation can help control or prevent symptoms.

Some vitamins and minerals can also help relieve breast pain and related pre -menstrual symptoms, but should also be taken under the guidance of a doctor.

Choose a variety of nutritious foods such as peanuts, spinach, corn oil, olives, rapeseed oil, carrots, bananas, oat bran, avocado, brown rice.

Self -examination can also help monitor any changes in breast tissue.Women in their 20s and 30s should perform their breast self -examination once a month, usually after menstruation, the smallest swelling and pain at this time.

Exercise can also improve PMS -related breast tenderness, spasm and fatigue.

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