Which drugs can’t be taken after taking it?

1. Hormone drugs

Long -term use of corticosteroid hormone and promoting gonadotropin release hormone and other drugs can interfere with the hypothalamus, one pituitary gonad, and affect the production and maturity of sperm.

Some androgen (such as methyl testosterone, nest testosterone, testosterone, testosterone, testosterone), estrogen (estrogen glycol, gylosol, gasel estradium, chillin, germine, germine) And progesterone (such as tinoone, nor acetic acid acetosterone), etc., have been tested as male breeding drugs.

Synthetic alcohol -type drugs (such as strong supplement, Kanglong, phenylnate Norolon, and Gui acid norolon) are illegally used by some athletes to improve exercise results, but at the same time, it will cause testicular atrophy.

2 chemotherapy drug

Cytic chemotherapy drugs can damage the function of sperm and interstitial cells. Chemotherapy before and before adolescence can cause testicular atrophy.

Alkyohide such as cyclopensions and nitrogen mustard has the effect of confrontation with sperm cells, which can cause less essence or sperm; Changchun new alkali can stop cell differentiation in the middle of the cell division.

Studies have shown that when the cumulative amount of chemotherapy drug cisplatin is> 0.6g/m2, cyclophosamide> 6g/m3, more than 50 % of patients will have long -term infertility, and they will be resumed after 3 years of stopping the medicine.Essence

The impact of chemotherapy drugs on the function of raw essence mainly depends on the type of drug, dose dose duration, and the fertility status of patients before treatment.

3 antibiotics

Antibiotics may have potential effects on the function of male reproductive systems.

It is currently known that the bull -type drugs, such as furasein and bephye, can damage the quality of the sperm.

Overalin sulfine pyridine, which is used to treat ulcerative colitis, can act on epididymal and attachment glands, leading to a decline in semen quality.

Circus is a kind of immunosuppressor that is commonly used after renal transplantation. Animal experiments show that it can cause testes and adenal diamond shrinkage of rats, but clinical experiments show that there is no effect on male fertility under the treatment dose.

A Chinese herbal medicine Lei Gong vine, which has long been used to treat autoimmune diseases, can cause a series of changes in the pills, causing sperm disorders, sperm cells and sperm cells, and sperm tubes support cells.Reduced sperm reduction of mobility, causing male infertility.

4 antihypertensive drug

Anti -suppressive drugs are common sexual function inhibitors. Small doses can cause male sexual function loss and impotence. Large doses can cause some men to delay ejaculation.

After long -term anti -adrenal neurophaphic drugs such as Lishe Ping, Piopyoidine, etc., the content of 5 -hydroxyline, norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain decreased. Although it can erected during sexual intercourse, it cannot ejaculate.

When taking a large dose of lyzine, it can make male sexual desires diminished, and sometimes accompanied by impotence.Even small doses can reduce sexual desire even if they are small, and impotence and sexual desires will occur after taking Cola Ning.

5 others

Clagenol has the ability to resist fertility.

In the past, some cotton -producing cottonseed oils in my country had edible cottonseed oil, and the gossol contained in it was anti -fertility substances.The activated group of glycol can inhibit the oxidation of mitochondria, affect the metabolism of nucleotide, and directly damage the sperm cells and the rough lines of sperm cells, resulting in severe sperm, sperm -awareness, and faulty.The head shape is diverse, large in -nuclear bubbles, and swelling of the top body.

After taking glycol for a long time, it can cause autoimmune pills. It is mainly due to a large number of sophisticated cells after taking the medicine and being damaged and falling off, changing the antigenicity, or the release of the original hidden antigen.Immune reactions are generated by alien substances.

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