Which feed can’t feed cattle?The taboos to feed cows, cattle raised must know

When we feed the cow, we must not just feed the cow, and we need to pay attention to some matters, otherwise it will have a great impact on the body of the cow.Which feed can’t feed cattle?What are the taboos to feed cows?Let’s talk about this topic today, you can refer to it.

1. Do not feed moldy feed

During the breeding process, if the mold is found to be mildew and rot, it must not be fed for cows.Because the feed will lose nutrients after moldy and deteriorates, and toxins will also be carried. If you eat such feeds for cows, it is easy to stimulate the gastrointestinal and intestines of the cow, which will cause digestive tract diseases. In addition, if the pregnant cows eat this typeFeed is also easy to cause miscarriage.We usually need to do a good job in the storage of forage, and we can also add it to the feed: cord mold is too guaranteed, decompose mold toxins, and avoid feed mold.

2. Do not feed a single feed

The growth of cattle requires a variety of different nutrients. Therefore, in the process of feeding, we cannot feed a single feed for cows for a long time, which can easily cause cows to be unable to obtain comprehensive nutrition from the feed, which hinders normal growth and developmentEssenceIn addition, we can usually add to the drinking water of cattle: multi -dimensional Pacific guarantee, supplement a variety of vitamins and minerals to cows, and give cows to replenish comprehensive nutrition.

3. Do not feed frozen feed

In winter and early spring, the temperature is low. If the feed or forage is placed outside the cow, it will easily cause frosting of the feed, and such feed cannot be fed for cows. On the one handIt is easy to waste. On the other hand, after eating frozen feed, it is easy to irritate the stomach and intestines, leading to diarrhea, abdominal pain or abortion.In addition, we can usually use cows: Jianbu stomach suppressing acid is too much, and use baking soda to Niu Jian stomach, giving Niu Jian’s stomach anti -roll, and reducing the probability of gastrointestinal diseases for cattle.

4. Do not feed with film feed

When collecting rough feed such as peanut seedlings, sweet potato vines, etc., we must pay special attention to clean up the mulch or plastic coated in the plants to avoid eating beef into plastic or thin film, which can easily cause the gastrointestinal obstruction of beef and intestine.die.

5. Do not feed poisonous feed

In the process of loading the cattle, we must avoid the poisonous grass zone and avoid poisoning of the plants that are eaten into the poison. This is a great loss for the farm.In order to prevent it.

The above is the taboos to feed cows. Bull raising is a thing that requires a long time and a lot of capital to complete. Therefore, cattle farmers need to be patiently prepared to feed management in order to obtain breeding returns.

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