Who said that the actress is pregnant and has a fat belly?Ma Li ranked second in 190 pounds, Huang Yi fat 55 pounds could only rank tenth

In the blink of an eye, the Dragon Boat Festival has passed. Is your holiday syndrome a criminal?

But June is a festive month, Wu Zhongtian and Zheng Kai announced their dads.

The two mothers were really thin before production. Except for the big belly, they could not see that they were pregnant.

Looking at Yang Zishan’s fingers, it is very slender and there is no pregnancy at all.

Miao Miao’s arm is also obviously very fine.

This is April 21, she took a selfie when she went to the delivery inspection, she did not take her belly, it was completely like a youthful and beautiful college student.

The fat belly is pregnant, it seems to be the standard of female stars in the entertainment industry.

In fact, except for a very small number of female stars, they are specially long and not fat, and the others are behind the balanced diet, controlling intake, matching sports, etc., and even not girl stars are fat.

We have to admit that there are people in the world that are unique, how can we eat fat, or easy to lose weight, and can maintain a good figure with a little control. Yang Mi and baby may be the second.

When Yang Mi filmed "Little Times 3", she had already conceived Xiao Nuomi, but if she hadn’t admitted that she had pregnant, who could see that she was a pregnant woman?

Starting in the middle of the night, running in the snowy night, wearing short -sleeved sportswear skirts and jumping … She was so desperate to fulfill her promise.

At that time, the child came unexpectedly and was responsible for this little life, and could not quit before the start of "Little Times 3", so she could only take care of both.

Fortunately, through a reasonable deployment of diet, Yang Mi’s body size was no different from before pregnancy. Even if she was 6 months pregnant later, she was still very thin.

At that time, she had stopped working and had a child in Hong Kong. She had just had a hate for her. "What is going on without fat at all?

Many netizens have commented: "Who wants to be angry?" "Why make us fat!"

When she was 7 months pregnant, Yang Mi was still very thin. She said that she did not take this opportunity to overeating. Three meals a day to eat to ensure the baby’s nutrition, so there is basically no weight loss after delivery.

BABY and Yang Mi have a fight. She exposed that she was only 108 pounds when she was the fattest, and she quickly returned to 90 pounds after delivery.

Many people are easier to get fat after giving birth. Baby said that the success of weight loss is completely dependent on self -discipline. One is not eating, and the other is directional movement. Of course, they are under the guidance of the professional after confinement.

In fact, many female celebrities are not very fat when they are pregnant.

Chen Yihan was only gaining 4 kilograms during pregnancy.

Because she has been running after pregnancy.

When Yao Chenhuai had a second child, she had a bigger stomach, and she still had no meat on her face.

When she was pregnant with her first child, she spent a lot of time recovery after giving birth. She had experience after her second child. She chose to fitness.

She said, "On the one hand, she wants to be a beautiful mother, and the most important thing is to be a healthy mother. Give the baby a healthy body.

This is a state of 9 months of pregnancy. With the abdominal muscles of pregnancy, there is almost no need to recover after giving birth.

When Jiang Qinqin was pregnant with a second child, he participated in the recording of a variety show. He can clearly see that his belly is relatively large, his body changes greatly, and the overall is relatively well -proportioned.

And she has a confidence to show her pregnancy, because she has always insisted on exercising and practicing yoga. The whole state is good.

Tang Yixin liked to swim when she was pregnant, so when she was discharged from the hospital, she was still a paperman.

At the 30 weeks of pregnancy, Zhang Ziyi was wearing a black dress to attend the event. She was slim and only slightly raised her abdomen.

Wang Feng couldn’t help feeling: I can’t see my stomach, so thin!

Sun Yan was also very thin when the second child was in the second child. She said that the pregnant mother could recover her figure through weight loss. "I have a belief. For me, I can only think of it.Including weight loss, friends, move! "

And her so -called "weight loss" is also a reasonable control of diet, coupled with exercise.

The most hidden belly belongs to Xie Nan. I have been pregnant for six or seven months, and there are vest lines.

Netizens have stated that they do not believe in their eyes, which is clearly showing the abdominal muscles.This is mainly due to Xie Nan’s usually insisting on exercise, and he did not slack off after pregnancy.

For her difficult movements, some netizens sweated for her, and it seemed that this was not the action that pregnant women should do.

Indeed, each pregnant woman has different constitutions, different pregnant women have different exercise methods, and pregnant women are not suitable for blind exercise.

However, female stars do not lack money. In order to maintain a good posture, they are equipped with professional nutritionists to ensure that the baby has enough nutritional supplements, but also does not increase excessive intake of pregnant women.

After communicating with professional coaches, the exercise intensity and method that conforms to your physical condition is formulated.

In summary, the female star maintains a good figure during pregnancy and quickly restores a certain economic foundation to support. The difference between ordinary people and most female stars may be there. After all, most ordinary pregnant women do not have such self -discipline, and there are not so much money.Be a dual balance of diet and exercise.

Of course, there are also many female stars who are as fat as ordinary people. In fact, this is the norm of pregnancy.

In view of physical reasons or considering the health of the child, sometimes pregnant mothers have to sacrifice.

Don’t look at Dong Xuan’s pregnancy photos, but she didn’t show her most fatter.

She became particularly fat for a while, and she had 160 pounds at the fattest time. This made her very inferior. She did not dare to go to the streets and dare not try her clothes. She felt that she was particularly ugly regardless of what clothes.

After giving birth to a small dimple, Dong Xuan felt that he was particularly great, and all the previous efforts were worth it.

Tang Wei was only slightly plump in the early days of pregnancy, but then she was about 48 pounds. She said that she "eat a lot of drinking a lot, I still have the rules, and I have to eat low sugar, low salt, and less oil during pregnancy."

For the sake of the child’s health, she did not deliberately lose weight during pregnancy. She ate everything about her good child, and she did not touch the children.

Huo Siyan was also fat when she was pregnant. She exposed that she usually kept her weight at 80 pounds, and her heavier was more than 160 pounds during pregnancy. The weight during production was 158 pounds.

Every time she went to the birth check, the doctor said that she had too much weight to gain too much, so that every time Huo Siyan went up the stairs in the evening of pregnancy, Du Jiang would protect it behind him, for fear that she would be dangerous.

After giving birth, Huo Siyan started from eating, eat less greasy food, and eat more vegetables.

After weaning, her weight loss was crazy. I ate a meal at noon every day, saying that it was hot pot, and it was probably the level of boiled cabbage.

Proper exercise is also very important. Now Huo Siyan can be described as reborn.

Big S paid more attention to her figure before marriage, but for her children, she began to eat her, and her body shape began to deform slowly in the early stages of pregnancy. During that time, she refused to measure weight.

As the month became more and more strong, the big S became more and more sturdy. She laughed at "now she is overweight now", and Wang Xiaofei saw that she was "just like seeing ghosts."

When Da S saw Wang Xiaofei’s reaction, he was so angry that he was so angry: Do you want to have a child, and you will lose weight immediately if you do n’t give birth!I was so scared that Wang Xiaofei didn’t dare to say anything.

She said she had a weight one day before she exploded, and found that she was as high as 158 pounds, which was heavier than Wang Xiaofei.

In order to recover after giving birth, she tried various extreme weight loss methods, hunger strikes, eating weight loss pills, etc., but tossed, she found that she was just consuming her young body.

"Now paying more attention to physical health. Affordable exercise and drinking more warm water to speed up metabolism every day, and with golf, yoga, re -training, swimming, etc."

But the big S still failed to restore the thin body before giving birth. Compared with the requirements of female stars, she is a little fat now.

Huang Yi was too relaxed during pregnancy and did not control her diet. She woke up every day and ate it, so she was 55 pounds.

Just after giving birth to a child, her face was larger, and her double chin was very obvious, which caused her to fall into anxiety. "I just gave birth to my baby for two months.

Li Xiang used to be a paper person, but the weight began to rise after pregnancy, up to 160 pounds. In order to breastfeed her daughter after giving birth, she decided not to lose weight temporarily, which was maintained at about 140 pounds.

That year, she participated in the hosting of the New Year’s Eve concert of Hunan Satellite TV. Many reports described her with a large waist and a panda.

At that time, He Yan came out to speak for her, "Children are unexpected surprises in life. Xiangxiang will be able to treat the most important gift in this life. For the child, a mother will sacrifice a lot, but all this is no regrets.of."

The same sister in Hunan, when Xie Naihuai was first fat, she was fat to 150 pounds, and she usually got 90 pounds, which means that she weighed nearly 60 pounds after pregnancy.

After giving birth, she participated in the recording of the fast book.

He Jie, who was fat at 160 pounds during pregnancy, "Seeing that he was so fat, very anxious, no one knew me on the road, and found that he was too fat … One day when he saw the photo, he was scared by himself-Who?! I could n’t put on my clothes before, and my pants could n’t be lifted after the knee. ”.

Fortunately, she actively adjusted her mentality, "I still care about others saying your figure, you will die, and my mother said that I have changed a lot."

She admits that she has a strong toughness, "There is no difficulty for me, and there is no time to think that there is no time to think about it."

Qin Hailu was less than 160 pounds of postpartum depression and fat. She was actually not fat during pregnancy, but there was something wrong with the child after childbirth. She was worried about the child. She cried every day, her eyes were crying, and people became much fat.

She still suggested that she should not be bored at home and let her filming, and she slowly recovered.

When Ying Sheng was happy, he was 37 years old and "just eat it hard." As a result, he weight increased, nearly 160 pounds, and he was fatter than Han Hong. So she dared not look in the mirror and folded the hospital’s bed.

When she decided to sing well, she began to lose weight. What can be used to use it until the fitness is addictive and the weight loss is successful.

The people in the gym gave her a nickname Schwarzenegger. "There is a woman in it, the others are all old men, and they are holding dumbbells, but I am the same in me."

Du Ruoxi gave birth to more than 160 pounds. After she was born, she lost only 20 pounds. "There seemed to be a baby in the stomach. At that time, I collapsed inside."

Zhang Yiyi once was very thin, and this skeleton was very superior.

But when she was 5 months pregnant, she was wearing a dress to attend the event, her arm was thicker, and her double chin was very obvious.

She participated in variety shows after giving birth, and her face was still swollen. In the face of Internet storms, she hoped that everyone would give more tolerance for breastfeeding mothers.

After Mei Ting gave birth to a second child, she also said that her whole body was meat.

If you want to go to a friend’s party, you can’t find the right clothes. Wearing a skirt, your belly is still as pregnant for a few months.

The agent couldn’t bear to say, so he euphemistically said, "the project is still huge."

Both Zhu Dan and Sun Li admitted that they were 60 pounds during pregnancy.

Ma Li is even more exaggerated. She is about 100 pounds before pregnancy and 190 pounds after pregnancy.

The serious weight of the standard also affected her blood sugar. She had to pierce blood sugar three or four times a day, and had to control her diet. Many things could not eat. She could only secretly cry to release her emotions.

However, it is necessary to talk about first, and Ma Li is still not very profitable. When she is about 4 months of pregnancy, she gets fat and comes out.

By six or seven months, then He Chaoying was even more fat. She shouted: "I really don’t know it was so hard, but now I feel so tired."

Later, she was unable to walk by herself. Traveling against a wheelchair, she was struggling to stand up from the wheelchair and needed others to help her.

During pregnancy, she always refused to disclose weight, and Sister Z estimated more than 200 pounds.

All in all, female celebrities will gain weight as pregnant. As Ma Li said, everyone has their own definition about beauty and ugliness.

If it does not affect health, there is nothing bad for roundness.

If you are anxious and inferior for this, you can control your diet, match reasonable exercise, and work hard to lose weight.

Fatty is not important. The important thing is that you are happy, your mothers come on!

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