Why are women pregnant and constipation after pregnancy?

In fact, a woman is very great, because it takes about 10 months of pregnancy for about 10 months, and it is very painful during childbirth. After the baby is born, the child must continue to raise the child.There will be a series of changes in the stomach and intestines of pregnancy, which becomes very sensitive, and it is easy to have a series of problems, such as reaction of constipation and pregnancy.The baby’s baby may also be affected to a certain extent, if such a phenomenon occurs.How should we solve it?

First of all, we should take a look at pregnancy. In fact, pregnancy is a very obvious response in the early pregnancy, and most of the expectant mothers will be very obvious when they are pregnant to the 5th week.After the composition of egg success, the fluffy gonad hormones and gonad hormones in our body are constantly increasing, so the taste and smell of the mother will become very sensitive, and once the stomach of the expectant mother will also be pregnant, the gastrointestinal and intestines will also be pregnant.It becomes very fragile, so it is easy to cause pregnancy!

So what should we do to effectively relieve the symptoms of pregnancy?

Even in the usual life, if our psychological pressure is too great, it is likely to make the symptoms of pregnancy more obvious, so we should maintain a good mood during pregnancy. Moms can go out and chat with others more.Moving your own attention, maybe the symptoms of pregnancy can be effectively relieved, and the expectant mothers who must be difficult to swallow should eat less and eat less.Do not force yourself to think about what kind of things, and the nutrition that the baby needs in the early pregnancy is not particularly much, so it is said that the mothers can eat more fruits and vegetables and whole wheat bread!

In fact, in addition to pregnancy, we will also have the problem of constipation. If the impact of constipation on the body is also very large, especially the burden on the stomach may increase. If the food that eats is not digested for a long time, it will stillThere may be bad breath, which has a great impact on our lives, especially as the pregnancy cycle continues to grow, the problem of constipation may become more and more serious. ThereforeTimely conditioning!

If there is a problem of constipation in life, how should we relieve it?

1. Diet adjustment

In fact, after many expectant mothers are pregnant, there will be a series of changes in the taste. They may love sweet or sour foods. Sometimes they are unwilling to eat certain foods, but if they are partial or picky, theyIt is very likely to cause malnutrition problems in our bodies. There is a problem of constipation during pregnancy. You should also adjust your diet in time, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and do not eat dried foods such as chili peppers.EssenceThis will make our bodies lack of water. In addition, don’t eat too much meat. Not only is it easy to digest, but it is not easy to discharge the body!

2. Moderate exercise

In fact, an important reason for constipation during pregnancy is that the quantities of expectant mothers have reduced the amount of exercise, and the food is down. If the amount of exercise is too small, the food digestion is slower, and the speed of metabolism will be very slow. ThereforeMake appropriate exercise during pregnancy, go out regularly every day to take a walk, but pay attention to the method of exercise too much. You can do some yoga movements more soothing, so that it will help to give birth!

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