Why are you always dizzy when you are pregnant?

Pregnant women are very common in dizziness, and dizziness is also one of the common early pregnancy reactions. In the third trimester, dizziness will occur. The common reasons are as follows.


Mainly, the rise of various hormones after pregnancy will relax and expand your blood vessels and reduce your blood pressure.The purpose of relaxation of the whole body is to provide more blood for the uterus and baby. The result of the re -distribution of the blood flow is that the upper body blood flow decreases, the blood flow of the lower body increases, and the blood supply to the brain decreases, and it is easy to dizzy.

By the third trimester, the uterus is getting bigger and bigger. When you sleep and lie on your back, the heavy uterus will compress the cavity veins, and the blood flow will decrease, and you will dizzy.

If you stand for a long time, you will be dizzy, you will be dizzy when you sleep too much, you are dizzy, dizzy, and dizzy.


After pregnancy, your metabolism will change, which is prone to hypoglycemia more prone to hypoglycemia during pregnancy.


Although everyone’s nutrition is generally better now, anemia during pregnancy is still very common.From a very small fertilized egg to a 6-8 pound baby, all iron needs to be taken from you.Even if you can keep your nutrition, even if you are not anemia before pregnancy, there will still be anemia during pregnancy. About 30%of all pregnant women will have anemia.

Bad mood

Girls are dizzy when they are not good, their mood is good, and her head is not dizzy.But you don’t know when she will be in a good mood, and when she will feel bad.

How to prevent dizziness?

1. Don’t stand for a long time, lie down for a long time or sit for a long time, slowly get up, don’t be too anxious.

2. Eat regularly regularly, do not take a long time on an empty stomach.

3. Don’t take a hot bath for a long time.

4. Anemia should be treated as early as possible.

5. Husbands have to be obedient and don’t make pregnant women unhappy.

How to deal with dizziness?

1. Dizziness is uncomfortable, it is better to sit down or lie down.

2. Deep breathing may help.

3. Release your clothes.

4. Open the window to breathe and breathe.

5. Eating a piece of chocolate or chocolate cake, it is more useful to be more high -end.

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