Why are you ligated men?In fact, women can also be used, but these 6 major disadvantages must be weighed well

Loeling surgery is a common method of contraception. Both men and women can do it, but in general, doctors will recommend that men perform ligation surgery, because women have a much more harm to the body’s body than men. In severe casesThe relationship with husband and wife may be affected.

1. Cause bladder and intestinal damage

Women’s fallopian tubes are closer to the distance between the bladder and the intestine, so there is a great possibility that the intestinal canal and bladder are damaged due to improper surgical operation or infection.In the case of incomplete bleeding during surgery, or no bleeding can be found in time, or no abnormal coagulation function was found before surgery, it is easy to cause bleeding and infection.

2. Generate a series of adverse reactions

After a ligation surgery, a series of adverse reactions are prone to occur. Common adverse reactions include nausea, vomiting, pain, waist and abdomen pain, and so on.If you cannot relieve pain in time, it is easy for patients to have fear and nervousness due to pain, and these psychological changes are not good for postoperative recovery, which can easily lead to local pain.

3. Creating a larger mouth

Compared with men’s ligation surgery, the wounds of women’s ligation surgery are much larger, so the chance of infection in the wound will also be much higher than that of men.Especially women with poor health concepts are more likely to cause wound infection due to the infection of wound dressings such as sweat stains, urine, and milk stains. Even many women have removed the uterus due to the infection.

4. Menstruation is affected

The menstruation of women with ligation surgery is also vulnerable, such as increased menstrual hematopoietic volume, irregular bleeding, etc. These situations will not only cause women to suffer in physiological pain, but also cause women to bear huge psychological pressure. After all, menstruation will be menstruation. After all, menstruationWhen affected, the life of the husband and wife will also be affected.

5, pelvic inflammatory disease

After a ligation surgery, it is easy to suffer from pelvic inflammatory disease.The fallopian tubes are inside the pelvic cavity. After the fallopian tube is cut off, the pelvic cavity is prone to infection. If it cannot be treated in a timely and thorough treatment, chronic pelvic inflammation will be slowly formed.If there is pelvic inflammatory disease before surgery, the chance of suffering from chronic pelvic inflammatory disease after surgery will be higher.

6. Due to neuropathy

Although ligation surgery is a small surgery, there are still many patients with great concern before surgery. Some women even have the psychology of doubt or fear of ligation surgery.Psychological pressure will be greater, and over time may cause women to suffer from neuropathy.

Kind tips

There are many ways to contraception today, such as using condoms, eating contraceptives, etc., do not have to choose ligation surgery.If you need to do an additional surgery for special reasons, then you need to have a comprehensive understanding of surgery before surgery to eliminate concerns.

In addition, you must prepare before surgery. First of all, wash your abdomen with warm water, which can reduce the chance of infection. Secondly, you must choose the appropriate time.Because at this time ligation surgery is minimal to women’s body, and the speed of recovery will be faster. The most important thing is to avoid surgery during accidental pregnancy.

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