Why can emergency contraceptives be contraceptive?Is it harmful?Female friends should understand

Principles of contraceptives for emergency contraceptives:

At present, common emergency contraceptives in my country are divided into two types: prescription drugs and non -prescription medicines.

A non -prescription drug is a unilateral progesterone. Its contraceptive mechanism is to significantly inhibit ovulation and prevent the bed from the bed. At the same time, it increases the consistency of cervical mucus, increases the resistance of sperm penetration, and exerts the role of rapid results.

The prescription drug is an antifiers, which has the effects of anti -sperm egg bed, inducing menstruation and promoting cervical maturity. The mechanism of urging menstruation is mainly through competitive endometrium (molten) progesterone receptors to block progesteroneThe role.

This is why emergency contraceptives can achieve contraceptive effects.However, some female friends will have questions. They have taken emergency contraceptives, but they are still pregnant. In fact, urgency may not be 100 % contraception. Sometimes, even if they take emergency contraceptives, they may cause contraceptive failure.Taking emergency contraceptives may be caused by these two situations.

1. After 72 hours of the same room, take the medicine

Emergency contraceptives must be taken within 72 hours after the same room.Once more than 72 hours, sperm successfully bed, emergency contraceptives can not play a role.

2. Think that after taking medicine, you can do not have to do protection measures at will after taking medicine

Taking emergency contraceptives can only provide contraceptive protection for sexual behavior before taking the medicine. After taking the medicine, there is no protection effect.

If you do not want children for the time being, it is recommended to take contraceptive measures, and it is not recommended to take emergency contraceptives as conventional contraceptives.After taking emergency contraceptives, I found no retreat bleeding within a week. It is recommended to go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible to confirm whether I was pregnant.And emergency contraceptives are very damaged to the body.

The most harmful dangers of contraceptives are emergency contraceptives and long -acting contraceptives, because short -acting contraceptives are currently small, not only have contraceptive effects but also have small side reactions.Pathotin, as well as composite preparations of estrogen hormones, can cause damage to female liver, endocrine disorders, and changes in menstrual cycle due to excessive hormones.Women who are more than 40 years old are too large, and some can also cause breast cancer, endometrial cancer, etc. Some liver diseases or patients with hematological diseases should not be taken.Emergency contraceptives do not use more than 3 times a year, and do not use more than 2 times a month.Therefore, in the process of the same room, try to take protection measures as much as possible, because taking contraceptive pills afterwards is very high, not only will it bring serious consequences such as endocrine disorders to women, but serious ones will also lead to infertility infertility.So female friends must be responsible for their health and protect themselves.”””

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