Why can others tell others that they are pregnant after 3 months of pregnancy?This answer is too real

When it comes to this problem, I think of the 4 cases I know.

Two of them are the daughter -in -law of my husband’s relatives, and the other is the daughter -in -law of my relatives. For specific reasons, the children do not know that they do n’t know, but they have miscarriage in less than 3 months of pregnancy.Another one is 3 months of pregnancy. Unfortunately, it was unfortunate that the child had a little deformity at four dimensions, and there was no need to listen to the hospital’s suggestions.These cases make people feel very regrettable. It is not easy to get pregnant. Pregnant mothers should try to be cautious, and the birth checkups must go on time.

Talk about my own experience.

When I was pregnant, I had just experienced the unit’s physical examination. I took X -ray. When I knew that I was pregnant, I was not as happy as most mothers. I always worried that it would have an impact on their children.Consultation related issues and "Chinese people should take medicine" from Jilianmei Pharmacist’s "Chinese people should be used like this" that the impact of early external adverse factors on babies was only in all or in two cases, but it was regrettable when I thought of it.Therefore, at that time, the baby’s attitude was more uncertain, and he didn’t preach his pregnancy.

In fact, aside from the superstition, I think it is more adapted to the pregnant mother’s sudden identity change. In addition, in the first three months, the early embryo was extremely fragile.I don’t want to tell the outside world prematurely that I am pregnant.

The famous pediatric expert Dr. Zheng Yuqiao also mentioned in her work "Zheng Yuqiao Parenting Scripture": In the early pregnancy, the embryo was fragile, which was easily affected by various factors and caused abnormal fetal development.The endometrium of the uterine has just been implanted, and the early embryo that the early embryo and the mother were not very stable.Once it is disturbed by the outside world, there is a possibility of miscarriage.About 15%-20%of the pregnancy in the early pregnancy occur naturally, mostly not caused by human factors in the outside world, but the problem of embryo itself.

Because I have seen many friends around me have experienced a tragedy of fetal stop and threatened abortion, I still feel very much when I see this topic.

The advent of a new life has a great impact on a family.

Under uncertain circumstances, tell you that if an accident occurs later, the damage to everyone is particularly deep.And there are ordinary colleagues and friends of the company, who are too enthusiastic about making pregnant mothers unsatisfactory, and if there are any accidents in the later period, if others ask, they will unveil the scars again and again, and explain to others. I think this is for this. I think this is for this. I think this is for this.For every novice mother who is eager to own a child, it should be unbearable.

Moreover, I don’t think everyone around you want to share your favorite with you. Therefore, if you have good news, you will know it with the closest person.When you are pregnant, you will accept everyone’s congratulations.

Pregnant mothers, how long did you tell your friends around you?Welcome to share your experience in the comments area!

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